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Puck Beer
Puck n Beer - A lighthearted blog dedicated to hockey and beer.
Puck n Beer - A lighthearted blog dedicated to hockey and beer.


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Beer and Boardgames
Something I've recently gotten into as a hobby is designer board games .  Things have come a long way since the era of games like Monopoly, Sorry!, and Life.  One thing that hasn't changed is taking a game and pasting a theme over it (I'm looking at you Cth...

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Beer: Do's and Don'ts for Hosting a Beer Tasting
A very impressive Collection of Sierra Nevada Beers. Wait, we're drinking all of those tonight? A fun thing for beer lovers to do, besides drinking beer, is to drink beer with friends.  One way to do this is to host a beer tasting.   These events can be set...

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Imagining NHL Players at Disneyland
So this happened. Photo taken from DisZine Living in Orange County, California, its hard to ignore Disneyland.  Especially at night with fireworks going off nightly at 9:25 pm during the summer, or so I hear.  From my house.  Every.  Single.  Night. The oth...

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2014-15 Predictions
Well, the 2014-2015 season is underway as I type this, so that means I'm probably the 25,002,019th person to throw predictions out there.  I've traditionally avoided doing season and post-season predictions because you might as well just pick teams out of a...

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Features I'd like to see in Future NHL Games
The release of NHL 15 is just around the corner, which means I should've written this about a year ago, just in case someone at EA reads this blog and was thinking about what new features one fan wants. No matter what a developer does, there's always a desi...

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Types of Drivers as Hockey Players
This is actually a movie, not a picture (Photo by LA Times) I live in Southern California, a place where you describe how far something is in time it takes to get there, not in actual distance.  In that way, I sort of get Han Solo's unit gaff when he descri...

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Beer Intangibles
Tonight is the first night of the NHL entry draft where besides statistics players are often rated by various intangibles.  Intangibles, by nature, are intangible and therefore hard to quantify. Things like "desire", "clutch", "winner" are terms that are to...

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Wishlist for Untappd Badges and Features
I'm a sucker for achievements/badges/pointless recognition for non critical things like video games and apps like Untappd.  And while it feels like you can't have three beers without triggering a new badge, there's some items that I think deserve a badge. A...

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Guide to Hockey Player Sign Language
There's more to hockey sign language than this, really. Many hockey players can speak several languages so it shouldn't be a surprise that many know a specialized form of sign language.  This isn't your typical American Sign Language but rather a version th...

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What Homebrewer Excuses Really Mean
A home brewer may use a lot fancy words to describe their beer to help their friends understand what's being handed to them. While most beer drinkers get "hoppy", "malty", and "bitter" there's a lot of other terms that home brewers will use to try and accur...
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