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Anyone know if the new iTunes Store for iOS includes Podcasts?

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Right, that's the Podcast App.  We know you can search Podcasts there - the question is, will they be in the iTunes Store?
Well....  I can see Podcasts mentioned in the Apple Developers Center as well for the store.   Obviously that is not a guarantee still. 
yeah, i've seen it in a couple of screenshots - but nothing for sure.  
The Podcast Store (which looks just like the iTunes Store) is accessible through the Podcasts app and then tap the Catalog button at the top.  The screen flips (like iBooks) and then you see a complete store.
I am a iOS developer and I am running the iOS 6 GM build.  I just verified both the new iTunes and Podcasts Apps.  In iOS iTunes there is only Music, Movies, TV Shows, Search, Audiobooks, Tones, Genius, Purchased and Downloads.  In the Podcasts app it has Featured, Audio, Video, Top Charts Search and a Categories Button that allows you to pick the podcast category
Thank you Shawn for the update!  I might not like it - but it is great to have the deets.  
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