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Paul Colligan

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I need a router that gets source from wifi - not an Ethernet cable. Suggestions?
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Paul Colligan

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Moving from one Stitcher account to another

So with all of the wackiness over at Stitcher, anyone have any ideas on how to move a Podcast from one Stitcher Partner account to another?

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+Paul Collegian They seem to have gotten a bit more responsive since Midroll came in but I think they're still getting things figured out. One positive change is that they've announced they're no longer going to transcode/re-host audio. So, somebody's working on things over there.
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Paul Colligan

General Podcast Discussion  - 
FYI Podcasters

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I've been suggesting to go here and then click the bubble under "Ask us Anything."
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Paul Colligan

General Podcast Discussion  - 
iTunes Help

Oh, iTunes ...

Yes, I know that iTunes feed refreshing is a known issue right now.

Is there a way to issue a refresh for a feed you don't have the iTunes login for?

Or, is there a way to figure out what email address a podcast was originally submitted to itunes under so you can get an Apple account for it?
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Correct. But if that Apple ID (email) is not yours and you don't have the password for that Apple ID, or you cannot find the person who owns that email address, you are out of luck. That's why I recommend that anyone submitting a new podcast to iTunes should create a new Apple ID just for that podcast. That way it's portable, and doesn't tie a podcast to your personal Apple ID, which is a recipe for future disaster. If you are starting a podcast for your business, this is especially important. And never let some 3rd party use their Apple ID to submit your podcast to iTunes. Managing podcasts through people's Apple IDs is a really really bad idea.
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Paul Colligan

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Going live with the big encore talking LIVE VIDEO with +Luria Petrucci. Only a few minutes left to get in.

This full encore will never be released to the public and won't be streamed in it's entirety again.
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Paul Colligan

General Podcast Discussion  - 
iTunes Broken ;-)?

Took another client to #1 Today (2 Categories Health and Self Help) and he's already #46 in all of iTunes. Will be curious to see how he goes.

Sure, from what +Rob Walch tells me, he's in the Top 20% of downloads per episode (he'll pass into top 10 in a few hours and continue).

But, iTunes must be broken - because he's done this with only 1 episode, and no reviews.

AND NO NEW AND NOTABLE - which is the only way anything happens in iTunes, right?

BTW, did it last week with another client.

iTunes must by broken.

This never would have happened in Steve's watch.

Of course, I did it over a dozen times when Steve was around too, but still ...

iTunes must be broken.

Or, of course, it could be what I've said it's been for the last 10 years.

Nah, must be iTunes. 
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+Paul Colligan I will have my VA rate and review your show if you have your VA rate and review my show. (You mean that joke - but sadly - you know that conversation took place on some MM group somewhere).
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Paul Colligan

Podcast Websites  - 
Hey, +Todd Cochrane - love the player on your new Legends podcast. Is that a Blurbrry thing - or something of your own? 
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Yes, very swish +Shawn Thorpe and +Todd Cochrane. Love the way you have incorporated the podcast badge in the player!
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Paul Colligan

General Podcast Discussion  - 
It almost pains me to write this ...

About New & Noteworthy

After telling my client that "all you need to do to make it to new and noteworthy is to have a pulse," and assuring him he'd make it ..

We'll break 100k downloads this month - legit downloads

Made it to #8 in all of iTunes at one point

Every element of the project has passed his expectations.


We still haven't made New & Noteworthy for his category - New & Noteworthy Self Help hasn't been updated in over a month (I have screenshots - it's not just a gut reaction).

Any ideas on what's going on there? +Rob Walch?

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Don't sweat it Paul I have yet to be in N&N ever and my podcast still pays my bills.

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Paul Colligan

General Podcast Discussion  - 
Podcasts Connect Feed Refresh?

Everytime I've logged into Podcasts Connect, and done a feed refresh, I've seen results in about 30 minutes. Last night did one for a client at 6p, and 12 hours later, still says "Scheduled For Refresh."

Any ideas?
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You know you're not supposed to login and refresh every time you release a new episode, right? It's really a last effort if the feed doesn't already refresh automatically within 24 hours. Even then, Podcasts connect still says it could take up to 24 hours to refresh after manually refreshing.
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Paul Colligan

General Podcast Discussion  - 
HTML5 Podcast Player Question

I'm looking for an HTML5 player (audio) that will let me do the jump to a certain place in time thing like you can currently do with SoundCloud.

Would love to have timecodes in show notes that would let people jump to that part of the Podcast. I.e., at 5:09, guest this - click here to listen to that part.

Don't mind paying - doesn't have to be free/open source.

+Mignon Fogarty, you seem to be the smartest in the put your audience Podcast on YouTube Podcast approach. Would there be any way to combine these two things?

Why not just use SoundCloud? Please don't ask. That's not the debate I'm looking for.

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Paul Colligan

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Fun piece about my Oman trip.
Are you looking to boost your business? Marketing expert Paul Colligan says first know what you want to do, then find technology to make things easier.
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Paul Colligan

General Podcast Discussion  - 
#13 in all of iTunes and going strong

NO reviews

NO New & Noteworthy

ONE Episode at Launch

I must be doing something wrong. 
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Nearly every one of my new shows ranks in the Top 10 when it launches within a week or two. I've put 14 of my own network shows and five more shows into iTunes in the past 14 months -- they all end up there for a short time (no pun intended). My Short Time Wrestling Podcast peaked at #2. 
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Paul Colligan helps others leverage technology to improve themselves and broaden their audience with reduced stress and no dramas. He does this with a lifestyle and business designed to answer the challenges and opportunities of this new economy. If you are looking for titles: Husband, Father, Education Czar for Traffic Geyser Inc. and CEO of He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and daughters and enjoys theater, music, great food, and travel.

Paul believes in building systems and products that work for the user – not vice versa. With that focus, he has played a key role in the launch of dozens of successful Web and Internet products that have seen tens of millions of visitors and dollars in revenue. Previous projects have included work with Traffic Geyser, Rubicon International, Microsoft, and Pearson Education. Topics of passion include (but are not limited to): new media content creation, product development, lifestyle design, and community building.

Paul’s take on the Internet can be seen/heard/read in Web Shows that include eMarketingVids, books that include "YouTube Strategies," the Kindle Bestseller “Cross Channel Social Media Marketing” and publications online and off as varied as the Huffington Post and The Net Effect. He is also a popular speaker on Internet technology topics and frequently speaks online, on the air, and before audiences about his passions. He has presented at events around the world that include BlogWorld and New Media Expo, The European Business Podcasting Summit, Google Tech Talks, Mac World, Social Media Success Summit, and Microsoft Tech-Ed.

If you are interested in his latest projects and/or thoughts on the industry that has been so good to him, there is plenty more to do, read, watch, and ponder at

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