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To Infinity and Beyond!
To Infinity and Beyond!

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Good luck this season!!

There's something completely wrong about Circles...or perhaps I'm missing something.

Circles are intended to have control over who we want to show something (i.e. text, images, links). So, they should be built as targets of information and not that much as social circles.

But, and here is what is really disturbing. We can have targets were no one follow us so our messages that we smartly targeted to make sure that it reaches the appropriate person or group of person can get lost in the mist of "Incoming" updates.

It seems to me that mixing non reciprocal connections with the concept of groups/list/circles generates a semi-broken system.


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Sharing best practices after 3 weeks of usage is pretentious and professional BS

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I must confess, Google+ feels creepy. Even though I know that Circles are there it feels like and open forum like Twitter and I'm not really comfortable sharing private things with my closer friends. Having unknown people (you are all more than welcome by the way) following me amplifies this feeling.

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What I learnt in my hangout with Vic :
If the invites you have received don't work, it is because they are trying to control how the field trial expands. They want a dense network, so they favor new users that would know more people on Google+ already. If you seem to be an edge user, who will feel lonely just after joining and will have to wait for more friends to come in, then you will most likely have to wait a bit.
Your invite remains valid; it might just not work for now.

So I've already found 2 not so obvious usecases of Google+:

- For those in the US: Hangout to watch movies on Youtube. Winner!!
- To have the ability to interact with influential people (Ben, Loic, Bradley, Dans, etc) a la Quora or Twitter in the same place you interact more personally with your friends. We will see what happens when the service unthrottles and gets hyper mainstream.

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