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The Writer Formerly Known as Joe.

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Episode 180 of Android Apps Weekly is out! It was a bit of a slow week (pre-trade show weeks usually are), but there was still some good stuff :)

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Video - linked below

I hope everyone enjoys it, give it a +1 or a share if you'd like!

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The good: Google Spaces is shutting down.

The bad: None of those people will be sent to the G+ team to help make this place better. 

So we now have the following apps:
YouTube Go
Skype Lite
Facebook Lite

Lightweight, mobile-friendly, battery-friendly, super reliable, and data friendly (both mobile data and storage) apps...that only people in certain countries can have.

That blows.

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The latest #AAPodcast it out! It was a half and half episode. Josh and David were in San SomethingOrOther while Feisty, Adam, and I chilled out on our half. Good talks, and they're available on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and other places. Enjoy!

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Episode 179 of Android Apps Weekly is out! I hope everyone enjoys it :)

Written -
Video - linked below

Give it a +1 or a share if you'd like! :) as usual, it's totally optional.

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This is exactly the problem I've been having with the media lately. I'm not a fan of PewDiePie. Nothing against him, just not my cup of tea.

However, the Wall Street Journal took some jokes (that were admittedly made in poor taste) by PewDiePie and used it to railroad people into thinking he was a Nazi supporter.

What tweaks my brain here is that Facebook and Google is trying so hard to crack down on fake news. However, the definition of fake news has been siphoned down into "fake websites spreading fake news" when, in reality, tons of much larger sites engage in the behavior.

PewDiePie isn't a Nazi. The very thought is absurd. He's the Internet's favorite class clown who took a joke too far. The article from the Wall Street Journal was a biased and unfair attack that had no weight or water. It's fake news. The resulting fake news caused his show to be cancelled and altered the course I'd his entire career. All because a few people at a newspaper didn't like the cut of his jib. No one should have that kind of power.

That's a fairly heavy price PewDiePie had to pay for an article that was demonstrably false. This considering that he's publicly stated that he doesn't endorse the Nazi (or any similar) movement.

This is what I hated about the latest presidential election as well. It wasn't well thought out pieces that explains why one candidate was better than the other. It was cherry picked nonsense used to attack the candidates and their supporters. Most people who support Trump aren't racist and most people who support Hillary aren't city dwelling feminist blow hards. Normal people get lumped into those horrific demographics because we live in an age where triggering people gets page views. The trolls have officially taken over. Instead of recognizing that some people are just naive and don't understand a topic, they're shamed for having a dissenting opinion. Their fears and standpoints are ignored and they're expected to follow suite or face the consequences. It's bullying in its purest form.

In a situation where listening and explaining facts could make a difference, we seem to consistently dissolve into childish banter and name calling. One bad joke or out of context quote turns you into the worst person imaginable. But hey, it's the WSJ, so it's reputable right? (Sarcastic rhetorical question).

PewDiePie is the latest victim of a much larger problem. This is, after all, the same industry that promoted people throwing Molotov cocktails at a college after calling Milo Yiannopolous (a gay Jew) a Nazi. He's an asshole, not a Nazi. I find it not at all funny, but sadly ironic, that they can engage in actual anti semitism one week and then turn around and burn a dude for making a bad joke the next week. This is also considering that similar entertainers, like Trevor Noah, were defended by the WSJ after it was uncovered that he made anti-semetic jokes on Twitter. Weird how PewDiePie gets arbitrarily eviscerated while Noah was defended. PewDiePie loses his show and Noah kept his. The inconsistency is baffling.

Stuff like this scares the hell out of me. There was no reason for the WSJ to write that article. They didn't use any facts, just screen shots, half truths, and a lot of extrapolation based on very little information. Their outrage was cherry picked and arbitrary considering this same publication defended an entertainer for this exact same thing not long ago. That's not journalism. That's not morally or ethically right. Everybody in our industry is one bad joke and a hashtag away from having their entire career destroyed. Break the mold too much and attract the wrong attention and all of a sudden you've got a target painted in your back. The most frightening part is that whether you get defended or destroyed is predicated on literally nothing. Two people can commit the same act and one skates by while the other goes down in flames. No one has any idea why or we all know and just aren't saying it. Not sure which one it is.

"Fly right or we'll destroy you." I can't stomach that and neither should any other reasonably minded human being. 

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The #AAPodcast episode 99 is up! We had a lot of fun with this one.

It's on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Google Play, and other places. :) Enjoy!

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Episode 178 of my Android Apps Weekly show is out! I hope everyone likes it :)

Written version -
Video - linked below

As usual, give it a +1 or a share or something. Only if you want to!

It still shocks me how many people don't understand why freemium games are so popular with developers.

Like, is it so hard to get? The devs don't want to eat the cost of development so that a bunch of people steal their game. Every stat ever shows that people are more willing to spend money on games they're engaged with. People don't have to steal Freemium games and after a while, people who like the games pay for it. Freemium walks away with the vast majority of revenue in Google Play and iTunes every year. Mobile gaming makes almost as much as console gaming. That's after years of pay once games not making waves, selling almost nothing, and being generally ignored even today. Asphalt Xtreme has over a million downloads already while Riptide GP Renegade just passed the 50k mark with a $2.99 (no in app purchases) price tag. They were released a month apart.

But no, let's keep pretending like there's a billion people just waiting to actually pay for "pay once" games lol. It's sad to watch.
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