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Miguel Pereira (CT3FM)
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Miguel Pereira (CT3FM)

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The AggieSat4 satellite carrying the Bevo-2 CubeSat is expected to be deployed from the International Space Station (ISS) on January 29, both have amateur radio payloads. Below is a timelapse of th...
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Miguel Pereira (CT3FM)

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Love my new boots! Inspired by my homeland of Madeira 👍🌋
They’ll be available exclusively in the Nike Football app
on October 29th:
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Miguel Pereira (CT3FM)

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Uma imagem da Via Láctea captada junto ao parque eólico do Paul da Serra, ilha da Madeira
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Miguel Pereira (CT3FM)

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A NASA team is scheduled to test the space agency’s first integrated photonics modem aboard…
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Miguel Pereira (CT3FM)

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Feliz Ano Novo para todos os meus amigos do Google+

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Miguel Pereira (CT3FM)

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O nosso Castelo ! Que fim irá ter ?
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Miguel Pereira (CT3FM)

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"Les hommes et la technique témoignages - Histoire des faisceaux hertziens et des télécommunacations ( Nogueira et Artzamendi)"
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Activação da quadrícula IN60NR
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Miguel Pereira (CT3FM)

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Foi a primeira visita de Nuno Delgado ao Pico Ruivo, um pico na Ilha da Madeira com 1861 metros de altitude e demonstra muito bem que existe muito por explorar mesmo ao virar da esquina. Na imagem, podemos observar o pico Ruivo debaixo de um céu estrelado tendo como pano de fundo a Via Láctea
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My name is Miguel, and I have this hobby of Ham Radio since 1973.
I begin my interest in radio listing short wave with an old receptor with tubes and then a portable transceiver for 11m - 27 MHz (Citizen Band). This was my 1º school of radio.
I remind you that in those days it was not allowed to use any kind of tx/rx radios in Portugal.
Liberty only arrives in the year 1974 with the Carnation Revolution “ Revolução dos Cravos” on April 25.
Only the Ham Radio bands were allowed for that propose at that time.
So, me and my friends were in a complete illegality ...but those days were really fun.
In 1980 I went to the army, and I was allocated on the Telecommunications Sector, it was a very good experience on radio.
In 1983 I’ve passed the examination tests to Ham Radio and get permission to operate the “A“ category with the call sign of CT3FM.
For professional reasons, I’m out of radio some long years, but now I am back again.
My present interested in radio is in VHF/UHF and SHF bands. Satellite is one of my actual activities on the bands.
I intend to put in the air a parabolic dish for EME (Moonbouce operation) on 1.3 and 2.4 GHz, so if you cut me don’t hesitated in give me a report.
73 and thanks to visit my simple page
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