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Sam Tinker
Hero of the comic book "Dead Man's Run," about a jailbreak from Hell.
Hero of the comic book "Dead Man's Run," about a jailbreak from Hell.

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Dead Man's Run #1 Amazing Arizona Comicon EXCLUSIVE cover!
Yet another reason to make it to the Amazing Arizona Comicon! It may be pretty, but it's the writing of +Greg Pak from +Aspen Comics !

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Hey, hey! I'm going to hell on January 18! Here's a lettered preview of "Dead Man's Run" #1, written by +Greg Pak with art by +Tony Parker.

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Doing some research to find out what kind of creatures I may encounter down below. Despite their awesome name, looks like hellbenders prefer a moister climate. But they are pretty darn cool! Check it:

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I'm guessing there are some of these where I'm going.
This incredible fish was found with unique human-like teeth, it has yet to be identified by scientists…

(source 2:
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Everyone says Hell is hot. But ghosts create cold drafts.

Any ideas on what's going on there?

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Here's the cover for "Dead Man's Run" #1, which hits comic shops on January 11.

And yeah, I think that's supposed to be me there. Being dragged down by creepy disembodied arms.

I'm getting scareder.

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So "Dead Man's Run" #0 is out in comic shops now. Joey Esposito at IGN loves it -- says the story's "rife with fascinating thematic centerpieces and multi-faceted characters." Which is great.

But apparently I'm going straight to Hell next issue. Literally.

Any advice for me?
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