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I've got a Nexus 5 and it looks like it finally kicked the bucket. The #1 thing I want in a new phone is a good camera, everything else doesn't matter. Anyone know of a good site where I can find camera comparisons that will give me a phone that is at least as good as the N5? I'm hoping to spend under $350, and can go either CDMA (Sprint) or GSM (T-Mo).

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The longer Republicans allow this to go on, the worse it gets for everyone.

There is no way with Gnome / GTK to set a window-scaling factor of a fractional value. So, if you're trying to run Linux on a Macbook Pro, you're stuck with either insanely small or excessively large window decorations / buttons / etc.

Devs across the GTK spectrum all say the same thing: "it's really hard because we start with whole integers and can't get it to produce whole integers on the other side with the fractional values..."

But Unity does it - and so does Mac OS X. Am I crazy? Is this that hard to solve?

If every American donated $5, it's possible we could just bribe Trump to leave office. $1.5 Billion dollars would be a "great deal" for him and America.

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A long piece, but you won't regret the time it takes to read it.

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Surprised there wasn't a shout-out to System76 in this article... If you're looking for a mobile work-horse, I've heard only good things about the Oryx.

From Hackaday:

I totally agree with the sentiment though. I think there's definitely something to be said for the consistency of keyboard and display experience on most Macbook Pros - but it's pretty clear with Mac OS Sierra and the new Touch ID that they're pivoting from creating useful tools to pretty toys. I think you'll start to see the typical tech startup outfitting engineers with something other than MBPs in the near future - if for no other reason than to not blow money.

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I was about to carve out time to build a website this weekend, and then I found out it already exists.
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