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Bellevue Chiropractor: Gold Medal Health
Bellevue Chiropractor: Gold Medal Health


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This is a wonderful opportunity to live your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle. With a kids dash, one mile walk, 5k run, cheer, volunteer, bake sale, dogs and strollers welcome…… there is something for everyone. The whole Cummins Clan will be at Bellevue's Wilburton Park and we hope you’ll join in on the fun!

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Enjoying catching up with old friends from Newport High School on a hike! Summer is a great time to get into the great outdoors and love where we live! Cougar Mountain, Newcastle Beach Park, a short drive to Seattle for a walk around Green Lake.... our practice loves helping you live your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle! Whether walking, hiking, swimming, or picnicking (yum!) let us know how we can best keep your body keep going strong through these long summer days.
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Want to enjoy your favorite sport for decades? We do too! Check this out to make sure you are caring for your body properly in order to run, jump, row, cycle or hike for the next 10, 20, 40 years and beyond!

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Facebook Friends.... or real friends..... or both?
Something to think about over the holidays is if your friends enhance your energy or drain it. Check out this article and think about it:)
Sincerely, your chiropractic friends, Dr. Bob, Anna, Jiota, Kathryn, Emily, Dr. Matt, Cathy, & Chelsie
#Bellevue #Friends #Chiropractic

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"The head bone's connected from the neck bone...
Neck bone connected from the shoulder bone..."
What connects your mind and body within 'dem bones? Check this out! The mind body connection is the answer.
#Bellevue #Chiropractor #NaturalITSystem

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Wondering if something seemingly silly like sleeping caused your back pain? Or bending over to pick up a pen was the cause? Sometimes the small things can cause pain just as much as a large load (like carrying three small children at once- though in the case of Dr. Cummins, his back is doing great!). If looking for the cause of your pain, seek out the best Bellevue Chiropractor who will find the underlying cause of your pains, then lead you back to gold medal health!
Check out this Blog for more info: #Bellevue #Chiropractor #Back #TellMeWhy #goldmedalhealth #cumminschiro

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As your 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate chiropractic office in Bellevue.... what does that really mean? What does it look like to live quality years for the next 10, 20,50, 60 years and beyond? Check this health article out on what age has to do with it. The answer may surprise you...

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Fresh home to Bellevue from the 2017 World Rowing Championships in Sarasota, Florida your Cummins Chiropractic team is ready to help you push to your best this athletic season. Want to run faster? Jump Higher? Recover Better? Come on in and see how Cummins Chiropractic can help you achieve gold medal health!
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Whether a few months into pregnancy, only a few months to go, or a postpartum – Chiropractic is a resource expecting and new moms love. Not only does chiropractic care boost Mom’s capacity to handle stress, it’s a boost for baby as well. Enjoy this article recommended by Cummins Chiropractic team member, Anna Cummins, now expecting number 4.
Don’t let your pregnancy get you down – keep moving and active with lifestyle chiropractic care!
#Chiropractic #Pregnancy #Fitness #Bellevue #GoldMedalHealth

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With the Bellevue School District headed back to school, it's time to understand more about the stress our children are exposed to. Check out this article to set your kids up for success this 2017-2018 school year!
#Bellevue #Goldmedalhealth #chiropractic #kids
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