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Wordpress, you are perhaps the best blogging platform, do you think you could at least try to fix your line break problem already? That's beginner stuff.
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I will drink to that! . . . . When it happens!
My drink is here waiting as well.
Perhaps it works on the app version? Basically sometimes if you hit shift+enter or enter, the line break does or doesn't appear. No rhyme or reason.
That's an issue with the 3rd party code that is used for the Visual text editor that you write your post in. Do you use the HTML tab at all when you're writing a post? I know that if you switch back and forth between the Visual and HTML tabs, that will screw up the formatting some, especially the line breaks.

As of yet, there is no solution for it. I try to primarily use the HTML tab and just write my posts in code view, but I'm a web designer and that's natural for me.

I know that doesn't really help, but that's why the problem occurs.

One thing you could try: Write your post like you normally would and save the draft. Then, switch to HTML view. Look for the line of text that you want to add the line break to and before the first word that will start the new line, type this: <br />

That is a break tag and is the HTML code equivalent to hitting Shift+Enter.

Once you've added your break tags in your post, go ahead and preview the post. This should display your line breaks correctly. Now you should be able to Publish the post and be okay.

Important Note: After you've published your post, try not to switch back and forth between the Visual and HTML tabs in the editor, as this will mess up your line breaks. Again, not sure why they haven't or can't fix this, as it IS extremely annoying.
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