GTK+ 3.4 is out!

lots and lots of new stuff landed in this cycle:

- menu support in GtkApplication; this is what powers the application menu in the +GNOME shell, but it also works on Mac OS, and Ubuntu Unity;
- support the XInput 2.2 extension, with precise scrolling delta and touch events;
- kinetic scrolling support in GtkScrolledWindow;
- a new color chooser family of widgets (dialog, button, and embeddable widget);
- better support of key modifiers on Mac OS;
- this is also the first 3.x release with proper Windows support, with great improvements in the themeing side for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7;
- new look for spin buttons, to make them easier to use on touchscreen devices;
- lots of infrastructure fixes in the CSS engine, to make it more compliant with the CSS3 specs;
- the Wayland backend supports the 0.85 version of the protocol; the Broadway backend supports Websockets v7+.

and along with GTK+ 3.4, GLib 2.32 is also available:

- GThread is always enabled;
- GSettings supports separate schema locations, for apps with configurable plugins;
- GSettings has a native backend for Mac OS;
- GIO has a high-level network state API, to check whether you're online and can reach a location, and get notifications when the network state changes;
- the infrastructure to implement the menu definition used by GtkApplication is available from GLib;
- GResource, a way to bundle ancillary files with your library or application, to help creating relocatable binaries;
- Unicode support updated for Unicode 6.1
- the included PCRE has been updated to 8.30
you can download it from:


and start having fun!
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