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Gosh... this is darn hard
Gosh... this is darn hard

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Testing testing 

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RM 350.00 FOR SALE : ORIGINAL LEVI'S 501 WOMEN SELVEDGE SIZE 25 (NEW WITH TAGS)  COLOR: BLUE Bought from levi's online usa TRIED ONCE FOR FITTING PURPOSE ONLY cod available for Kuala Lumpur (Taman Melawati & Wangsa Maju) IMAGE FROM LEVI'S 501® Jeans For Wom...

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I know it's been awhile since I updated my blog. Not that I have nothing to share, I've been procrastinating on everything. But really, I'm just tired. Being bullied, physically and emotionally. By everyone.  The tiredness been clutching on my feet and I ha...

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Haze go away please....
I don't know about you but now I'm feeling trapped in my own mind. And I feel like running away. But I can't because I'm trapped. Really choking me but what else can I do? Here's what...  Take a deep breath and go with it! Yeah... a moment where you feel li...

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No shame here.
Salam Raya Esok lusa nak raya. Nak masak apa ya? Takda mood betul nak buat apa-apa. Rasa nak tido dan tengok tv saja. Penat kerja and the last thing I wanna do is cook. Sometimes I can feel the urge to drag my feet to the kitchen but hey guess what? My fing...

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Cerita Siti
A story about Siti Sekarang baru Siti faham apa perasaan lelaki yang menggalas tanggungjawap sebagai suami, bila masa mereka ini balik ke rumah selepas kerja dan tidak dilayan isteri yang merupakan suri rumah sepenuh masa. Siti tengah merasai perasaan itu s...

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All I want to do is.....
 All I want to do is just sleep by the sandy beaches of Lundu Sarawak    Mesti ada ulam mangga & tepus. Berulam tepi beach nang best. Nothing beats this.       And nothing beats this view...   Ahhh... I want to go home... Feeling homesick... I miss my mom, ...

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Hey Another Random Update
I know … it's been
quite some time since I last update this blog. Not that I don't want
to, I'm just pretty tired all the time. Let me just point
what have happened this past few months. Somewhere in May Pooding pass away
peacefully. It was really heart wre...

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Random Updates of Handbags and Jeans
Before you go and email me asking whether I'm selling all these bags, they are all SOLD OUT. Sorry. I did not managed to upload it. All taken off my shoulders by my friends. Thanks guys. Aren't handbags pretty? I love handbags and got couple of them in hang...

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what we sacrifice for money?
Just something to think about... i sacrifice time in search for money because i  think that money can buy everything. but the only thing money can't buy is time. ironic you say? tell me something i don't know... killing time.
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