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Great info graphic. Loved the Google homepage during the World Cup as well!
At Think with Google, we’ve been (semi-obsessively) following soccer trends leading up to and throughout the World Cup. Now that the tournament is over, we checked in for one last look. Here’s the final tally:

Soccer is becoming incredibly popular in the states

This year's World Cup was a huge global moment, driving more interest than ever. World Cup-related Google searches in the U.S. grew 8x since the 2010 games. This included searches for players, teams, and other World Cup terms. Check out the most popular trends here.

More fans are on mobile

Mobile has changed how soccer fans get in on the game. 71% of World Cup searches during the final match were done on a mobile device. Compare that to the 18% we saw during the 2010 final—that’s 19 times the amount.

They’re searching in real-time

With fans constantly connected during the game, a new pattern of search behavior emerged. In 2010, most U.S. searches happened at the end of the game, with spikes during the beginning and end of the half. This year, fans searched a lot at these key points, but also during other moments like yellow cards, substitutions and goals.

Brands are capturing interest with content

Fans watched more soccer videos on YouTube during the tournament, and brands captured their attention, creating longer, more movie-like ads. Since April 1, World Cup ads on +YouTube have been more watched more than 807 million times. That’s more than double the views of this year’s Super Bowl ads on YouTube and over five times the number of hours watched.

These trends don’t just mean that soccer is a big deal. They mean that fan behavior is changing. Brands looking to engage this passionate audience should take note.

- Posted by +Alli Mooney 

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Love this book and the infographic summarises it so well.

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