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[Hiring] User Interface Engineer for PLAYSTATION 3

Sony Network Entertainment (SNEI) | Full Time | San Francisco (SoMa)

Sony (SNEI) is seeking talented UI/UX engineers to build apps
for Sony products such as PLAYSTATION 3, PS VITA, ... etc.

The types of apps you'll be building and framework you'll be working with:

- Bachelor's Degree in CS / Software Engineering / Multimedia
- Experience in building rich Internet applications.
- Experience with procedural animation techniques.
- Strong background in JavaScript.
- Experience with HTML5 and CSS3.

Desirable traits
- Is an advocate for JavaScript
- Has used Node.js
- Has used Flash and/or Flex
- Has developed for a mobile SDK such as iOS
- Has built applications using OpenGL/WebGL.
- Has worked in a scrum/agile environment.
- Is awesome ;)

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Are you guys using Node.js on the PS3? What javascript runtime are you using?
We pull inspiration from Node.js apis but our platform is built in-house. That does mean that we can add bindings/features as necessary to achieve our goals. We use the latest JavaScriptCore from WebKit.
That's cool. More JavaScript is a good thing.
Cool, Does it run in WebKit based browser or customized environment only? When shall the "VideoUnlimited" go public?
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