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catching up
I didn't mean to stop blogging, but the last two weeks have been rather busy and intense!! We celebrated Elroy's birthday party and his actual birthday, the brick wall between the existing house and the extension came down (as did the ceiling - leaving our ...

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Making colour decisions can be serious, and the lids need to be put in the right place when they come off. He is starting to enjoy drawing more, will make little dot like marks that he says are birds and when his name is written down and spelt out to him he...

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seven things: for a second birthday
This weekend we are having a birthday party for Elroy and at the end of next week he will be two!! On the one hand this is a bit sad, my baby is growing up so fast, but on the other it feels exciting and I am excited for him. He loves singing happy birthday...

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So I am two weeks behind with this. I sort of have an excuse, the builders have thrown our usual quiet afternoons at home out the window, and basically in the evening I'm too lazy to sit at the computer.... Anyway, these are from the beach (obviously), Elro...

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I'm running late with this, but as I mentioned the last few weeks have been pretty hectic. The day I took this photograph Elroy was 23 months. So crazy, so close to two. I think he has found the change in circumstances at home challenging, day sleeps have b...

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the last two weeks
Why a massive balloon banner saying congrats (and yes I know the s is backwards!) you may ask. Two weeks ago Matt finished up at the place he has been working for for the last 12 years, he's moving on to something new and hopefully fulfilling for him. A new...

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Loves jumping on the bed. Still uses the mailing tube as a guitar. He was a bit under the weather for a week or so, which meant he was a bit more clingy and asked for lots of hugs (definitely a positive to the situation). But as always bounced back to his c...

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I'm late in posting these, but still they are so sweet. Hanging out with his beautiful whale from  Big Stuffed  in between bouts of watching our builders work from his bedroom window. Currently he is loving  Olympia's cover of Beck's 'Dreams'  we have had t...

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My brain is so confused about what day it is, yesterday felt like a sunday (being the Australia day public holiday) and yet tomorrow is the weekend. I'm not complaining though! We spent most of the day hanging out at home, but in the afternoon visited frien...

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This is such a sweet age, that's what everyone says, and it is so very true (other than the 5-10% of crazy behaviour!). Elroy loves to help wth jobs, sort the washing, put it in the washing machine, help mix muffins (or just pour flour everywhere), tell Jer...
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