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Bye from Pixar.
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Jack Boyle

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Urs Hölzle originally shared:
Brilliantly said. (See if you're not familiar with xkcd.)
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Jack Boyle

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Some nice shots of SF from the air.
Sergey Brin originally shared:
2008.10 Zeppelin
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Jack Boyle

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Frances Haugen originally shared:
Heart breaking visualization of how the US (and Russia) voluntarily irradiated themselves during the cold war. It starts out really slow - jumping a head to about 2:30 or 3 minutes in will get you to the much more heated 1950s. It's terrifying to think what the human cost was of this testing - every explosion increased the ambient environmental radiation which lead to things like thyroid failure and cancer.

Another detail that should be called out is that the intensity of these explosions increased dramatically throughout the 1950s and 60s. I did my history thesis (I was a Cold War Studies Minor) around civil disobedience against civil defense (think Duck and Cover) and came to the conclusion that the reason they stopped holding national drills "practicing" for nuclear war was because they realized there was no longer a point - over the years the post-drill reports showed exponentially growing numbers of fatalities and property damage, a bad kind of hockey stick if you will.

via: +Scott Beale
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Jack Boyle

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Before Bruce, Clemons Was a Big Man on Campus
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Jack Boyle

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Here's a list of Googlers on Google+. Add them to your circles.
Craig Kanalley originally shared:

OK, this was fun to put together -- love how active the Googlers are on this platform! Please feel free to add anyone I missed and share this. Circle the ones that most interest you based on what they do, or circle them all as I did :)

+Sergey Brin
+Larry Page

VPs/Senior VPs
+Vic Gundotra (Engineering)
+Bradley Horowitz (Product Management)
+Jeff Huber (Commerce & Local)
+Marissa Mayer (Local, Maps & Location Services)

Community Managers
+Brian Rose
+Toby Stein
+Natalie Villalobos

Product Managers
+Anish Acharya (Google+ Mobile)
+Shimrit Ben-Yair
+Frances Haugen (Google+ Profiles)
+Caroline McCarthy (Marketing)
+Jonathan McPhie
+Joe Rideout
+Punit Soni (Google+ Mobile)

Engineering Directors/Managers
+Chee Chew
+Dave Besbris
+Chris Millikin

Software Engineers
+Eric W. Barndollar (Google+)
+Andrew Bunner (Google+)
+David Byttow
+Eric Cattell (Social Graph Tech Lead)
+John Costigan (Google Profiles)
+Matt Cutts (Webspam)
+Pavan Desikan (Google+/Gmail)
+Kelly Ellis
+Trey Harris (Site Reliability)
+Griff Hazen
+Andy Hertzfeld
+Matt Keoshkerian
+Todd Knight
+Jean-Christophe Lilot
+Lan Liu
+Vincent Mo (Google+ Photos)
+Dobromir Montauk (Google+ Infrastructure)
+Stephen Ng (Gmail)
+Owen Prater
+Joseph Smarr (Technical)
+Martin Strauss
+Na Tang
+Yonatan Zunger (Social)

Consumer Operations Manager
+Michael Hermeston (Google+ Support)

Developer Advocates
+Chris Chabot (Developer Relations)
+Timothy Jordan

+Brett Lider (Product/User Experience)
+Jonathan Terleski (Google+)
+Charles Warren (User Experience Lead, Google Social)

Program Managers
+Julian Harris (Technical)
+Adam Lasnik (Google Map Maker)

Tech Lead Manager
+Natalie Glance (Google Shopping)
Test Engineer
+Erick Fejta (Tester for Google Storage)

Account Executive
+Dave Miller (Local & Education)

President, Enterprise
+Dave Girouard (Cloud Apps)
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Jack Boyle

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OK, now what?
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Gotta find a way to feed this stream from Twitter/Facebook/Hootsuite. Especially Hootsuite.
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