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Traces of Guilt: A Review
In the opening
scene, old friends Ann Falcon and Josh Thane reunite, one single, the other
married.   An overly nice, polite
conversation lets us know that nothing is really happening in this story, at
least nothing of interest between them. As we meander t...

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Piano Diaries: Part IV
She's here! I've named her Baby Grace. She's a svelte 1000 lb black beauty. The men that came to deliver her were an assortment of professionals and regular guys, as well as a couple staff members from church, including our head pastor! I was happy to get a...

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The Twins
The news hatched another monster story today. This time children were among the victims. This has to stop , I thought as I filed it under tragedies that are far away, but may come close all too soon. While this tragedy was unfolding, I was waging a battle o...

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The Nest, an Update
Some cliche's are unbearable. Others seem to hit the spot with razor sharp accuracy. Although my husband and I have recently become - insert cliche'- empty-nesters, the nest is far from empty. And this cliche is ironic. Oh yes, the children don't sleep here...

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Empowering Book on Fear
How To Live in Fear is a book for anyone who has ever had or heard of panic attacks. Pastor Lance Hahn
has panic attacks. Sometimes they happen when he’s giving a sermon at his
church. That doesn’t stop him. This amazing little book is the story of how he

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Another Country Heard From
 Families often have little private jokes or sayings that only they understand. My family seems to have volumes of these. My title is a prime example. When we were growing up, and a napping baby, or anyone for that matter, woke up, my mother would say, 'Ano...

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The Other Side
We are not defined by our successes, but rather by our ability to overcome adversity. Overcoming assumes there is something to be climbed over. Some imagine that a life of prosperity,  wealth, and ease is a sign that one has 'made it', has risen to the top....

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The Piano Diaries PART II
I met a few more
new pianos last week. First of all I
started an accompanying job with a new school. The campus is new and beautiful,
the choir room the newest and brightest I’ve seen for a junior high school. The
piano I got to play on was a little accommo...
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