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Six Applications of Theorizing Time in Memory
In case it's unclear, I'm not trying to play " philosophical king of the hill " by pursuing my lengthy  Time in Memory project. Here's a quick listing of six practical objectives I am hoping my tedious theoretical work will eventually accomplish. (1) Bringi...

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Remembering Life Stories (8): Teleological Reconstruction of Developmental Storylines
Biographical story content can self-sequence via the natural logic of causal prerequisites; a whole chain of “necessary causality” can be efficiently evoked by recalling its end point (“telos”). Note: Today's post is subdivided with headings, due to length:...

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Teleology in Fiction
Attention: Narratology Grad Students! This topic is so fresh it brings up only one google result : the titles of two papers presented at a conference in 2010, although searching the authors' names - Philip Ajouri and Rosinka Chaudhuri - beside "teleology" b...

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on Unsuccessfully Referencing Unrepresented Events
Let's revisit the issue of reference versus representation, which I blogged about multiple times last year. (A links list appears beneath this post .) Around that time, it occurred to me one day that aspects of this critical distinction can be helpfully ill...

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Academic Status Update
I am very pleased to announce that I've been formally accepted into graduate studies at the University of St. Mary's, Twickenham, where I'll be pursuing an M.Phil in New Testament and writing my thesis on Matthew 2:22. Best of all, I get to work under the s...

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Does Cognitive Surplus Breed Scholarship as Journalism?
Nijay Gupta said something profound on Crux Sola last week that I think represents an encouraging trend. Here's the quote, with emphasis added to the portion of my particular interest. In many ways, I wish Matt’s book didn’t need to be written. While I deep...

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"Connected Universe"
With their 15th feature film in this series, Marvel Studios continues to demonstrate cinematic world-building that has depth, vision, and four-dimensional verisimilitude. The characters and situations in the Marvel Cinematic Universe continue developing in ...

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Which One Jesus? Whose One Jesus?
Richard Burridge's Four Gospels, One Jesus?  (3rd ed.) was just reviewed  in RBL  by Matthew Baldwin, whose analysis really heats up in these final paragraphs: Certainly Burridge does not put forth in this volume a
single life of Jesus, yet he would reject ...

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Remembering Life Stories (7): Biographical Redundancy
While a rigorous defense of today’s post depends on understanding the six previous installments, the basic concepts should be fairly straightforward, and perhaps even self-evident in certain aspects. Hopefully, you’ll keep up just fine. Here’s a short synop...

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Cognitive Emplotment
If a fabula exists in the reader’s mind, then coherence is not literary per se. Coherence is mnemonic. I haven't yet found anyone in the field of cognitive narratology looking at plots (and other storylines) from the standpoint of working memory and/or cons...
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