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Philip Stephens
I am migrating to a Google Docs account, this profile will migrate on the 14th - Things may change...
I am migrating to a Google Docs account, this profile will migrate on the 14th - Things may change...


I just bought 2 x Acer G11 Chromebooks, for my son and I.
Both of the started up fine, connected to the network, and we logged in.

At that point both machines started logging out of Chrome every 20 to 30 seconds, saying chrome had closed unexpectedly, would you like to re-open... etc.

This made it impossible to use both machines. I would put this in the Acer group, but I had a similar thing happen on a Lenovo chromebook I bought second hand a month ago.

If I turn WiFi off, there is no problem. In guest mode, there is no problem. A power wash did nothing (these Acer machines were both brand new). I tried a USB / RJ45 network connector. Same problem. Connecting to the Internet as a user caused the reboots.

We are long time Chromebook and Chromebox users. this is my 4th Chromebook. I downloaded and burned a recovery media (on a Mac) and used it to re-install, and now both devices work.

The average user would have NO IDEA how to do that, and take them back to the store, and buy a Windows PC or a Mac.

This is a bad advertisement for Chromebooks.

Any ideas why this happened?

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Sorry, but is reading really work?

Yup, I know it can be, but I HAD to say that... just to be sure.

And, yes, I would love to be there, not her in freezing Tasmania!
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I have switched to a MacBook after 20+ years on Windows. It has been a bit bumpy, but I am enjoying the experience so far.

My only complaint is network transfer speeds. Finder is about on third of the speed of File Manager on Windows or Nautilus on Linux. I have a 2015 MacBook Air.

Is networking throttled to increase battery life?

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How to Use SSH Tunnelling on Chrome OS

This is something I have wondered about for some time. This is clear and well laid out, I intend to give it a try soon. 

I cannot comment technically, it is over my head, but I understand the need and advantages.

Thank you How-To Geek.
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I have decided to go to a paid Google Docs account. After years on Gmail, Youtube, Calendar, Play Store, Picasa and more, migration is an issue.

I have managed pretty well, but my Chrome browser tends to open my old Gmail or Google+ account instead of my new one.

Much more of looking at email in two tabs and I think I may become a little psychotic... 

I have changed the theme on my old account so I can tell the difference. I am simply not able to delete the old account, I will have mail coming in for years, probably.
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Somebody Having a Worse Day Than Me
Passed this car with a WICKED wheel clamp and SEIZED stickers all over it...
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HP Chromebook 11 and SlimPort Problems
I have had #SlimPort problems since I bought my HP Chromebook 11.

I have now sorted my issues out, and tried out four different devices.
I have written about it here:
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A Newspaper Moving Journalists to Chromebooks
I think +Jeff Jarvis will like this story.
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