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"In My Cell" #Excerpt from LUCIFER & THE INDIGO KIDS by @Lord_Ra_Krishna #AmReading #NonFiction
In My Cell Sitting in my cell / meditating, half dreaming... See a picture on the wall / black girl in bikini And we’re both looking happy / we embrace and we smile As I got my eyes closed smoking on a black and mild... Better yet / a cigarette I wish I had...

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#Freedom by Charlotte Piotrowski from GLIMPSES OF HEAVEN ON EARTH #NonFiction #SelfHelp
From the chapter on freedom by co-author Charlotte Piotrowski: “Until
such time as we achieve heaven on earth, we must enjoy our freedoms
responsibly. Our speech should not be harmful. Our religious practice
should welcome those of all faiths (and thos...

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Pendelton Wallace on Not Letting Life's Detours Stop You Writing #AmWriting #Authors #WriteTip
Practical Advice for Beginning Fiction (or other genre) Writers Read,
read, read. You need to know your genre. If you’re writing about
zombies and vampires, what kind of mythology has already been created?
Look for common threads in other works in your g...

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Scott Moon on the Many Hats of #SelfPub Authors and Book Pricing @ScottMoonWriter #AmWriting
Wherein we discuss the most agonizing decision a writer makes since deciding to publish Self-published
authors wear many hats–writer, editor, marketing director, cover
designer and more. Many of these tasks can, and often should be, left to
paid professi...

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Mike Hartner on How Not All Characters Can Be Heard at Once @MHartnerAuthor #AmWriting #HistFic
Inside the Mind of An Author In the Darkness
brought on by a closed room and narrow stairs, I slowly ascend to the
top and push the attic floorboard to the side. This stairwell,
conveniently hidden in a second floor wall, has been very dusty and full

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WHAT FREEDOM SMELLS LIKE : A #Memoir by Amy Lewis @AmyLewisAuthor #Abuse #Women
Why did I stay? I used to yell to the women on Oprah,   Why would you stay?   I
had options. I had a family who loved me, who would take care of me if I
left. I wasn’t married to him nor did we have children together. The
only tie we had was the business...

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"Moxie’s Problems" by Hank Quense & What You Didn't Know @hanque99 #AmReading #Fantasy
Seven things you don’t know about Moxie’s Problems The
original Moxie story was a short story that I couldn't sell. I loved
Moxie’s character and I was determined to put her into her own novel. I
was half-way through Moxie’s Problems when I put it on the...

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Kelly Wilson on Finding Alignment in Your Writing @LiveCheap #AmWriting #WriteTip #Memoir
Finding Alignment in Your Writing I had been in pain for months and didn’t know it. Rather, I didn’t pay attention until my left leg and hip were so weak that I could no longer walk. Pain gathered in my lower back, shooting down the leg into my foot. Tingli...

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Richard Parry Says No Plan Survives Contact With the Enemy @TactualRain #AmWriting #Fantasy
No plan survives contact with the enemy, but plans are really useful anyway. The
thing is, my writing tends to be pretty organic.  The conversations my
characters have aren’t manufactured through some formula.  The path the
story takes?  It’s not set in ...

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Kari Nichols on #Writing as a Form of Personal Therapy @TheKariNichols #AmWriting #HistFic
Why Writing is a Form of Personal Therapy I
use writing as therapy for several reasons. First, it’s the one thing
that I can always count on to calm me down no matter what else is going
on in my life. When I put all my concentration into the lives of my ...
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