Can't get over how great this pic is.
Exclusive first to Google+! The Secret Lair of Jules Verne - my favorite find in France this trip...

So, this a the rarely visited and off-the-map location in Paris. I would not have ever thought to go there. But, a friend cornered me by grabbing my shoulders in a serious way, saying, "Trey, you must visit."

This is the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, and it is certainly worth exploration... really one of the most amazing museums I have ever visited! I want to go back and spend many many more hours. Also, security completely swamped me when I tried to use a tripod. Wow, they did not like that, so this was a handheld-shot.

BTW, I always upload the full size if you want more details - in this case, it was 5676×3741. Also note that I don't post it twice, but it appears twice in your stream as soon as someone comments on the Picasa pic too, where the full size is easier to get! Larger size at and you can download it at the top... all my work is Creative Commons NonCommercial... so have fun! :)

Smarty Google+ users: What is the best way to explain to people how to see the full size image?
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