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Great article on Assisted Living options

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What's in your hospice basic packet? @Agape_Senior #Hospice
HOSPICE Packet from Travise Smith

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Home Care and @Agape_Senior can work hand in hand- #AskforAgapebyname
I was having a conversation with a family the other day that currently has home care aides coming in for non-medical assistance in the home.  The home care aide works for one of the local agencies and provides companionship, some light housekeeping and meal...

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#Alzheimers 60% of ALZ or other dementia will wander some will die- some will suffer injury
What you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe- Alzheimer's ( terminal disease- latter stages may be appropriate for hospice benefits ) disease destroys brain cells responsible for memory, thinking and behavior. As a result, people living with Al...

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Nurse Betty @PiedmontMedical will surely miss you!! Enjoy retirement and those mints!
Nurse Betty is calling it quits after 60 years in nursing!! She will be missed at +Piedmont Medical Center  !  Nurse Betty we love you.

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Breathe Easy Support Group -- know anyone with breathing issues? Come on out- @Agape_Senior
    If you know anyone who has to deal with breathing issues-- you should STOP and sign them up for this monthly event.  This month I will be the guest speaker and would love to meet your loved one.  We will have a few refreshments--is a great fellowshippin...

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Let's chat before you get behind the 8ball! #hospice @Agape_Senior #agingparents #Senior @Aplaceformom
the 8 ball! No one wants to be behind the 8 ball, but so many times that is
exactly where people are when I talk to them.   I try to position people (you) in the best place possible, but people
tend to wait until the situation becomes grave and all t...

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July 2015 Newsletter Rock Hill SC Agape Hospice
July 2015 Newsletter

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Hospice gets a BAD wrap!! Life is a terminal illness-- we will all die unless the RAPTURE happens!
Hospice care has a bad PR image, not because we’re not good at what we do, but because people believe hospice takes care of people who are dying. Since we are a death denying society, no one wants to hear that they need hospice services. It is a misconcepti...

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Doctor's die also- studies show that MD would prefer NOT to have treatments, but just LIVE his life-- WOW! Interesting!
You know doctors die toooooo!  I was reading over a +Wallstreetjournal article from 2012.  Let me tell you about it- Dr. Ken Murray was a well known orthopedist who found a lump in his stomach that turned out to be pancreatic cancer.  He went to see the bes...
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