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Robyn Phillips
Concept Artist in the making
Concept Artist in the making

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Final Major Project - The Whole Shabang
So this is a little bit late as I said I would post this over the weekend but oh well I'm finally posting the whole shabang, everything that I did for my final project. Instead of rambling on I'll leave you to it enjoy:)

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So it's all done and over with now handed in all my work, it's a strange feeling not having any more work to do. I will be uploading everything that I've done this weekend, but I thought I'd share with you some digital paintings that I did for my friend Sae...

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Book :)
Hello there, countdown has begun for deadline and I'm surprisingly calm. The to do list is nice and small so that's a lovely thing to see and my book should arrive this Thursday so I'm really excited for that and to hold it in my hands. Now something to fea...

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It's Been A While
Hello everyone it certainly been a little while since I posted, to say my life has been crazy is an understatement, Been doing more collaboration work, designs for the end of year show all while doing my book, absolutely mental I have to say but it s been g...

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Busy Bee
So it's been a pretty busy week, Lining up all my major project work, finishing off collaboration work and also its Business deadline today but thankfully I handed it all in this morning with hours to spare so no more worries there. Now I can concentrate so...

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Company Research 1
So as part of my business studies, thought it would be a good idea to have a look at some animation companies. All the links for the companies are on the right hand side :)  The first company that I had a little look at was Moonbot studios, where they creat...

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More Birds
So I have to say I'm loving painting birds on my procreate app. The brushes on there are great and the blending tool is lovely really recommend buying this app. its not a lot of money its worth an investment. I find that I'm creating this birds when I give ...

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Major Project Update (warning it's a lot)
So I will admit I hit the proverbial wall with my project in that I had to redo my characters turnarounds and sort out their construction, what a nightmare but luckily now I have sorted it all out with some determination and a butt load of coffee. Also have...

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Aside from Business I've been working on my collaboration work for my project as it counts for 20 marks. I'm doing backgrounds for Ciprian's final film, Character Design's for a band called Vibe Five and a Font Design for Jason's final film.  I've currently...

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Ultimate Image Developement
Hope everyone had a great Easter and had a chocolate overload :) Its now time to get back to work, so I've taken a little break from my major project and have been doing some Business Studies research and development. Been updating my website and working on...
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