In the last 24 hours, Sporkley has gotten the database back up and working, with an improved submission interface, adding in Kasumi and all of the DLC since Kasumi into options. I've updated almost every page on to reflect the changes, including some moderate revisions to the submission page, with a couple of new fields in the text box. AND we've already gotten about a half dozen new Shepards submitted and approved with all the updated data. We're ready to go for the flood of ME2 saves being requested!

We need A LOT more though, so please consider submitting your Shepards. :) Especially Shepards with most or all of the DLC created. And Shepards that made unusual choices, like not having everyone live or killing off popular NPCs.

ME1 saves have been stable for good long while now. I'm going to be checking both sites to add the new Shepards at least once a day for the next month or two.

We started the site on January 10th, 2010 (back when it was at and it was just over 2 weeks until ME2 was released, we ended up being ready for it (even though the site was all black text on a white background, remember that? :) ). So now with a hair under 4 weeks to go, and a head start of 100ish older ME2 saves, we should be good to go for ME3's launch.

I really hope I get to spend a lot more time playing ME3 after its launch than I did playing ME2. :D (It took me almost a month to finish ME2 the first time since I spent a lot more time on the site than the game.)
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