Updates tonight:

* I'm sure you've all seen the Take Back the Earth trailer by now. We've added almost 200 screenshots of the trailer to the the ME3 Screenshot Gallery for you to use for whatever!

* I'm looking for a couple of people with PS3's to help test this out to see if it would be possible and plausible to get some PS3 saves up. http://www.gtplanet.net/forum/showthread.php?t=89773

I don't own a PS3, so I need a couple of volunteers who are able to follow the instructions in that link, trade saves, and see if this will work for PS3. Or, if anyone knows of an easier way, let me know! Either way, please email annakie@masseffectsaves.com

* Last but not least, check out this incredible Mass Effect Fan Film. Well worth your time to watch it! :) Mass Effect: Assignment (Interactive Fan Film)
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