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RankBrain - Google Now Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) To Help Sort Search Results
Will RankBrain fundamentally change search marketing? Bloomberg Business reported yesterday that Google was using a new machine-learning artificial intelligence which it dubbed RankBrain. This new system will help sort through the plethora of results Google...

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Not perfect but a good start. WTG Google!

Okay, so I recently find myself tasked with trying to make changes to webistes and therefore tring to figure out where files or includes, etc. are and have found:
sudo grep --color -R  "file or element I'm looking for" /path
via puTTY to be my new best friend!!
Oh, look that text is being controlled by and and and _includes/changemembertypefunctions.php and...well you get the point.
I'm sure this is old hat for most of you out there but man, what a time saver this has been!!!

Anyone else seeing guardlink dot org sites showing up in their GA Landing Pages section? I have one client thus far this month who is showing mostly five based increments (5, 10, 15, etc.).
How the heck are external pages showing in Google Analytics??

Lazy river time. 

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Some pictures from Rachels 35th birthday. I know, I thought we had already celebrated her 35th but apparently I was wrong.
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Fishing with Ann

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A very exciting feed from my office window showing my car in the parking lot. Riveting!!

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Vary: User Agent HTTP header
Understanding when this header is needed is essential to mobile seo. Even if you do not need to use it, you should probably know what it is if you are going to be talking about mobile related issues. The concept is pretty simple. 
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