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Tamara Pearis

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9 Sandwiches
Remember Mr. Grumpy pants who walks his dogs every morning as I am out walking? The one I wrote about not too long ago. Never speaks. Well, he actually spoke to me today and said "Good Morning". I about fell off the road. I have gone to great lengths to avo...
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Tamara Pearis

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Washing Her Hair
I was in the shower washing my hair and thinking about the show for this week when the thought crossed my mind that I had seen paintings of women bathing.                                                       Women Bathing in the Sauna Anders Zorn Bathing i...
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Tamara Pearis

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Traces of the Non Camp
Day 2 of the  After a restless sleep. That first night in a new place, adjusting to the sounds, creeks, shifts, the sudden thud the air conditioner makes when it rumbles on is always troublesome to me. I started the coffee. Shaggy rolls out of her room and ...
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Tamara Pearis

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Tasting Whine
We were on a petite vacation up in Texas wine country. We paid our fare and got on the wine tour bus. It makes stops at 11 different wineries throughout the course of the day. You can get on or off at any winery along the way. They will even stow your wine ...
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Tamara Pearis

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Unbuttoned Belly
I had watched a documentary on Bad Women of the Bible. My attention was drawn to Eve. Not what she did not or did do; but more about how she looked, how Adam looked. Specifically belly buttons. This topic seems to be as controversial as the apple, serpent, ...
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Tamara Pearis

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Trace of a Non Camping Tour
We started this adventure in two cars, we ended it in one car. My daughter, Lovey decided to go on a non camping camping trip and called to see if we (Shaggy, Chuckie Bill  and I) wanted to go. At first we insisted we did not camp, she offered no further ex...
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Tamara Pearis

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After a restless sleep. That fiest night in a new place, adjusting to the sounds, creeks, shifts, the sudden thud the air conditioner makes when it rumbles on is always troubleso,me to me. I started the coffee. Shaggy rolls out of her room and wants to grab...
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Vivid colors whirling, bells tinkling, lost in thought, there are diamonds on the grass, flowers are just for me, pine cones are treasure I love the edge the best.
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