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I've recently been working on a Scala and MongoDB project. This started out as a general project on the JVM and became a full Scala implementation as the team found real benefits from using the language.

Read my blog entry on what we learnt during this project.
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Been doing some great stuff with MongoDb, Scala, Casbah and Salat.

Receiving content with a fixed structure envolope but a variable structured JSON payload. Using case classes and salat to persist the commonly structured part of the domain model. Using direct JSON to BSON translation to store the payload as sub-documents.

Salat seems to do a fantastic job of mapping case classes that have embedded DBObjects inside them. Stuff it can map get mapped to/from case classes while the rest just stays in DBObjects. Couldn't be easier.

The real fun come next when we start to work on querying across sub-documents. Hoping to get some real wins in flexibility and power.

This model just wouldn't work in the Java/JPA/MySQL world. Would either end up storing a document in a single field in the DB or trying to come out with some fancy nested JPA domain model that would never perform.

We've been able to achieve so much with very little code. Feeling good about the next pieces of work.
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Communications and networks work:

My wife was at a friend around the corner. She got a phone call from a close friend 100 miles away in Kent (we live in Berkshire) to tell us that there was a fire engine outside our house.

My wife headed home and Fortunately it was at a neighbour and the damage was small.

Turns out that the friend's ex-partner happened to be driving past our road. He knew we lived there so got in contact with his ex to pass the message on.

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OSX Lion install seems to have gone well. Looks like a nice set of improvements. Mission Control is a nice unification of Expose and Spaces.

Going to take a while to get used to the iOS like reversed scrolling direction, but I think that will come with time.

Next jobs are to sort out LaunchPad and Spaces affinities for apps and have a quick flick through all my application to see which ones are broken.

Also going to try out mail again I think.
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