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[Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]*
[Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]*

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[All Black Everything]*
(Photos by Ella H Photography ) Is Spring coming? Is Winter almost over? This could be the last Winter outfit post, that means I have to start adding colours to my everyday wear... does this thought go through your minds this time of year too? These are the...

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[Florals, for Spring... groundbreaking]*
Hello March! Spring is around the corner, the weather is warmer in London and we even got to see the sun for a few days!!
I don´t know what it is but most people feel like throwing themselves at te shops to buy fresh, bright coloured garments for the new se...

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(Photos by Ella H. Photography ) For those of you that have been to London or are lucky enough to live here, have you been to Greenwich? Yes I have been to the Royal Observatory but, have you been to the Old Royal Naval College or the Queen's House? If you ...

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[Perfume Making Workshop with Obby]*
Do you wear perfume? How often? Is it something you can´t leave home without?
I always wear perfume (except when going to the gym), I have 4 and out of those 2 I've had for years and repurchased several times.  On another note, as you probably know from my ...

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[The Christmas Wishlist / The Christmas Gift Guide]*
It is almost December people! As you might have heard on my Instagram account this weekend, I have already bought all of my Christmas presents and wrote all of my Christmas cards; I am being super organised this year since I am going to be away from the 3rd...

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[The Sugar House]*
(Photos by Ella H. Photography ) The Sugar House. After seeing this amazing wall over and over again on Instagram (and think that it was 20mins walk from my place!) we finally set a date to go conquer it, camera in hand. After a couple of lucky strikes, we ...

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[Autumn Wishlist]*
Hi everyone, I'm back (sort off). This blog has been hibernating through the warmer months but if you kept up with me on Instagram , Facebook or Twitter you know what I've been up to. Little summary: - I have a new passion : aerial silks , started in April ...

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[Off the Shoulder]*
Trends... have you shortlisted the ones you like this Summer 2016? I have, I think my favourite if the off the shoulder one. Might be because I'm am a secret little hippie inside  as a good friend says, but the boohoo and easy look of tops and dresses wrapp...

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[2016 Birthday Wishlist]*
It is April people and do you know what that means? My birthday is approaching! So, like every year, I have created a wishlist for those among my family, friends and loved ones that might want a bit of help (and less of a headache) when choosing a little so...

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[East London]*
(Photos by Sunsets and Bubles ) It was about time that I shared these photos with you! These are from a lovely morning spent with Charo, from Sunsets and Bubbles (check her blog!), walking around Bethnal Green in East London, the trendy place to be now amon...
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