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3.1 Yayati in Vyasa’s Mahabharata
Yayati was a notable
ancestor of the warring cousins. In the Mahabharata his story is told in the
Sambhava Parva of the Adi Parva starting from Section LXXVIII. The following is
a summary from the translation by Kisari Mohan Ganguli, available online. [1]

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2.2 How Hindu Mythology
Should any one stumble
on this blog by mistake or otherwise, he or she should be made aware what the
subject of the posts is. This blog is essentially about literature, and to a
lesser extent about art, sculpture, architecture, dance, cinema and theatre.

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2.1 Why Hindu Mythology
Hindu mythology is a
maligned phrase. Hinduism purists who believe that the events described in the
sacred texts happened exactly as stated have a problem with these events being
described as mythological. Their objection is understandable. The word mytholo...
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