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It's now 6 months since I transitioned, so this is sort of a final reminder - if you still have this account in your circles, you might as well decircle it at your convenience. I've migrated to a new account at and don't really expect to post anything here. 

As I've said in other contexts, "Vern doesn't work here anymore"

Just a quick announcement in case it might come up... I'm migrating my G+ circles tonight from this account to my new one - +Naomi Ceder 

 ... so that means that both accounts will supposedly be inert for up to 48 hours - no adds, posts, etc...

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Signal boost - Wider share of a friend's more limited post... it was high time this was added to the genre.

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Get my book The Quick Python Book, 2e half off today only at! Code dotd1031au gets 50% of all Manning books! #manningbooks

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For any of you who care and haven't found out yet... I have some news (see link below) I've been dying to share for some time now... also, this account will be going dormant and I will be migrating to +Naomi Ceder, so please circle the new me if you care to (and you haven't already).

In a few days I'll attempt to migrate all of my data from this account to the new one, which means that both accounts apparently will be frozen for several days. (Anybody else try this? How did it go?) If that happens, you can always look for me on FB or LinkedIn...


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If you believe in Linux/FOSS - here is your chance to act. Please consider helping Beth Lynn out. 
DUE TO LACK OF FUNDS I WILL LEAVE GHANA ON OCT 25. This is the last chance to donate and help me extend to OCT 31.

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Today is #SpiritDay. Have you gone #purple  to take a stand against bullying & teen suicide?

+The Trevor Project +GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) 
+It Gets Better Project 

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Need some great scifi reading? Believe in encouraging sane compensation for artistic content? Like giving to charity? Enjoy setting your own price? Get the Humble eBook Bundle... 

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Not a bad idea...
[For those who are interested]

A while back I mentioned something about teaching in order to learn, then I thought that it would be nice if I brought everyone up to speed before throwing them to the wolves :P

I've just added a basic Python script that can be run on the Linux Command Line (terminal) that uses some basic concepts.  The code is overly commented to explain what happens on almost every line.  It's meant to be a simple reference script for the absolute beginner and nothing more.

Keep an eye out on your stream, in the coming days, I'll have a blog post / lesson posted that goes more in-depth into this script and the various concepts that are being used for those interested in having more of a discussion format in their learning.

In the meantime, enjoy :)

NOTE: The script assumes that you are running Linux and have Python 2.7.x installed with a python2 executable in your path.  If you need help getting your system setup to run the script from the command line, check the Arch Linux Wiki or comment here and I'll try to help you out.
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