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Espen “MesAyah” Stenersrød
Nas Meets Peter Gabriel for Conversations about life
Nas Meets Peter Gabriel for Conversations about life

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Topic: Like a girl

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MesAyah - Bridge over beloved waters (Acoustic Li…:

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Topic today: The Ocean
Day 59
Topic: The Ocean
Topic given by Tove Tønnesen

Deep green
Blending with the emerald blue
Collisions of a deadly force on the surface
Hiding the secrets underneath
While the waves speak
The bottom of the ocean sleeps
Hibernating in pitch black
No sound
Stream of fresh water, so slow
It is not even recognized

Our guardian
The preserver of our history
On top of our bone structure
it lies there
kissing the very first steps we took
where everything we can see
we can only see the end
the waves
the mountains
the trees

But we have to seek underneath the surface
to truly understand where we come from
and wisdom is built
the moment we understand that some things
can not be reached

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The second episode of the 365 daily challenge podcast is now out on soundcloud

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Day 32
Topic: Out of paper
Topic given by Tommy Klemp
Dotted the last two lines of the revelation with exclamation points
had spent so much time and space on describing my genesis
that the answer was left outside of context
Paper, or pages
would not have the space
so I let quantity be the reason why I left it at death
Out of paper
Out of words
the rest is left with energy
I chose the word energy over destiny
because the alteration of what these books carry
was better off with something that was open for change
something nature could work with
something constant that would hold these words no matter what
even though how they where placed had no significant meaning
The blind would think it ends with death
the believer would think it is the beginning
the self centered would think it is him
the humble would think it is everything else
So I let the exclamation points rest
on this last sheet of paper

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A 365 Daily Challenge Podcast episode 1 by MesAyah

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Day 9
Topic: Nothing
The clockwork
Through fresh air
No resistance
Its joints has been kissed with oil for years
To run smoothly
Through the ignorance and apathy
Never thought moving through air
Could be such a struggle
But doing it again and again
One cycle
Two cycles
When the resistance equals nothing
Therefore no existence of equality
The clockwork grinds
Tired, but can’t stop
At least the freshness from the air
Is something to grasp for
If only that was enough
So tired of doing nothing
With nothing
But the clockwork refuse to stop

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