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Danica Patrick....continuing to give a bad name to all female athletes everywhere. Thanks, Girl! We all appreciate your poor sportsmanship, trading on your alleged "hotness" (applies only to those who find tree stumps sexy), and your exceptional people skills! Sad that you choose to use your talent to be nothing but trouble. Oh wait! When did Sarah Fisher's team try to get in a fist fight with a competitor?

Desginer sunglasses do not make you a worthy person and give you the right to embarass female athletes.

You are a role model for NO ONE.

The people that lived in our house before we did were clearly morons. I know this because not only did they SPONGE paint the living room orange, they also left a backstop for cornhole or horseshoes in the backyard. They left this unsightly useless crap, although they sawed off the poles for the nice wooden fence and used it for heat. I'm not sure if that is directly related to the several chimney fires or not.

Anyway we are still stuck with this stupid wooden eyesore in our back yard that is cemented into the ground. As a result, I feel the need to write the following letter that starts like this:

Dear Ted,
You went to Harvard and other than the unfortunate choice of sunglasses and lack of personal hygeine, what do you recommend? I don't have any unused grenades on hand....

Every two weeks, my husband sits next to me and pulls down his pants, exposing his middle-aged lower region dressed up with designer boxer briefs. Every two weeks, I ask WTF?!? Then I realize it's time for his bi-monthly injection and I'm not freaked out that he's becoming some sort of underwear fetishist or bomber or something equally off the radar..

I used to be disgusted
Now I try to be amused

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Neon Trees - Everybody Talks

Everybody whispers....

Husband is making me watch Pink Floyd vids on YouTube. Good thing I'm not suicidal, right?

So I wanted to put this obscure quote on my profile, something about, "Much has been resolved over a bottle of good wine". I googled it, and the first thing that came up is "Is a bottle of wine a Xanax too much...."

Sounds like a good idea to me.

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We like dancing and we look divine.

We like dancing and we look divine.

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