Southern California Photographers!

Together with +Lisa Borel & a few others, are helping out +Scott Jarvie who is organizing all the themed and regional photography circles on Group/as. We've have a few who have volunteered to moderate the So Cal Photographers group/as list.

A link to the original idea post -

If you are a photographer located or working in Sother California or know others who are, please feel free to comment about them so that we can add them to the list, which will be capped at 200. +Lisa Borel has created a group/as list containing So Cal Photographers which can be found here:
The group/as list will serve as a full list of Everyone

You are more than free to submit your Google Profile ID directly to the list.

The idea is to identify people who are most interactive on Google+. With that in mind, folks who don't post will fall off the list.

So start getting active and post so that you can be added to the list!

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