Marc A. Stephens, the cyberstalker of critics of the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas – including a 17 year old boy – has attacked again.

Today, a cordial police detective visited me at my workplace. Marc Stephens had e-mailed the local chief of police. Stephens alleged that I publicly posted personal information about him along with a death threat.

I am not aware that he has tried to get anyone charged with a felony before, so this may be a new low for him.

On October 6 – two months before the kerfuffle about Marc Stephens – I tweeted¹ a link to “Issue 85806: Can't delete favicons from cache” at Google Code². Google Chrome can display a website’s favicon even though the favicon was deleted from the website, or, as I commented in the tweet, “I see dead favicons”.

Stephens misrepresented to the police that the tweet was part and parcel of an attack against him, consisting of it and two November 30 Google+ posts³.

Misrepresented, because a reasonable person would know that the October 6 tweet is nothing to do with the November 30 Google+ posts. Certainly this was clear to the detective. The internal memo about the complaint was skeptical that “favicons” could be construed to refer to a person. When I showed the detective the tweet and clicked through to the Google Code page, he exclaimed that it was about a technical subject.

The detective asked me about the personal information in the Google+ posts. I said that the information I posted was public knowledge. It helped that the detective knew what Manta is, and Google Maps.

He asked what led up to the Google+ posts. I told him of Marc Stephens’ attacks on Burzynski clinic critics who were concerned that the Burzynski might be charging large amounts of money for ineffective cancer treatments. The detective remembered seeing the story in the media. I told him that Marc Stephens had strongly implied that he was the clinic’s lawyer when he apparently was not a lawyer, and had threatened a 17 year old boy, mailing him a photograph of his house.

Well, this was enough for the detective. As he left, he said he would be calling Marc Stephens to tell him he had started it and to leave me alone.

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