I have discovered more about the identity of Marc A. Stephens, a.k.a. "MAS". Mr. Stephens has been bullying anyone who posts information critical of Stanislaw Burzynski and his so-called cancer cure.

EDIT: See also my second revelation about Mr. Stephen's identity. (https://plus.google.com/u/0/107233369038542877815/posts/45GZRR2T5RB)

Mr. Stephens made his telephone number (562-843-9398) and a mailbox (mastephens1@gmail.com) public.

Using public information available for free on the Internet, I identified Mr. Stephens as the principal of MAS Web Design & Hosting, maswebdesignhosting.com, telephone number 310-421-8067.

maswebdesignhosting.com has links to burzynskipatientgroup.org on its homepage. These links are labeled "Burzinski Patient Group We Are Living Proof" and "Donate Please Support The #1 Cure For Cancer". maswebdesignhosting.com and burzynskipatientgroup.org both host with Hostmonster at the same IP address ( Both were designed with Joomla. Both feature the "MAS" initialism in their design. Both feature the "hm" Hostmaster icon as their bookmark icon (favicon).

Marc A. Stephens a.k.a. "MAS" and MAS Web Design & Hosting share the initialism MAS, have phone numbers on/near Palos Verdes Peninsula (near Los Angeles, California), and share an occupation (website architect).
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