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Awesome reminder of seasonal products and nice recipes.

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Security is important to us all. Can you trust your police force or government? If you do you feel more secure on your everyday life yeah?

Our life in internet is getting more important by day. We share our passions, some secrets and use many services that we need to stay safe. Internet bank can be dangerous or some government page where you tell things that could enable someone to use your identity. We all have read identity thefts, loan frauds and someone with empty bank account when it shows everything was send to someone in Bahamas...

So we want to stay safe. Simple yeah? Not so much. There are security and anti-virus programs so many that your head will start to spin. There are free ones and things that cost 20 to +100€ per year. Some programs are both there is free version and paid version!

You should start with thinking how you use computer. Do you use bank services? Download stuff? Like to go little Indiana Jones and jump site to site? Go only read news and see tomorrows weather? Look some TV programs from TV channels own page?

Most times you are fine with free security. Just go to settings and but everything to high settings and make program to update and sweep your computer often! If you don't use user sensitive services, download stuff or go to sites you really don't know that 100€ programs can be way overpowered to you and just slow your computer down. When talking to someone in stores they will most likely tell that free software will not work, but it’s their JOB to SELL you that 100€ program for this year and a next one and next. 

I have used free security past 5 years and most of it I have used software called: Avast Free Antivirus. Now that I have smartphone first thing I did download was Avast antivirus for mobile! It lets me change settings for something I like and cut security off like 15min if I need to install something I trust but Avast don't like it. My update to virus database is once every 30min and it don’t take anything but little CPU and network bandwidth that you will not even notice! To people I have installed Avast I have put once per hour cycle it better to do it little too often than not. Some people keep their computers powered only to use them and it can be like 2 hours on a week 1 hour per time. My system scanning do happen Sunday-Monday night starting at 00:00 I think. 

Avast is translated to many different languages, I personally use it on English but when I did install it to my brother and father I did use Finnish language package. If there would be problem they could understand it little better :D Uh and my stepdad did get mobile Avast as well. It so strange that companies gets smartphones, tablets and other stuff but don't look after their security! PC and laptops are secure as fuck but mobile nothing not even recommended program to use or note that HEY INSTALL SOME SECURITY! 

People do backup their phones even worse than their computers so when there is something unwanted in your phone you are kind of screwed! Cleaning can be...will be expensive and you may lose some information, which is not something you wish to go through. But with mobile you must remember to update your antivirus!

But yeah I do recommend free Avast it has kept me safe past 5 years even when I have been going places I should not go and downloading stuff I should SO NOT! There are some stuff that you need to buy these days but if you don’t feel like you need them or don't have money for them don't use them. Only thing is that you have to register your account once a year (after 365 days) you can use same mail again and again so there is not limit with it, just to see that you still are in there.

It do cost you next to non-so why not test it? Kick little tires and walk around it, if you don't like it remove it and keep working some other program and if you decided to keep Avast remove other Antivirus programs.

OOOH! You could think that +2 antivirus programs would be better than one yeah? It’s not! Those programs will most likely clash on some sections and leave your computer vulnerable to viruses and stuff. 

There should be link to downlad Avast Free Antivirus ( somewhere in top or under this post so... what are you waiting for?! Some ending credits? Well have a nice day now try Avast out! 

I'm out <3

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4€ for GOTY? No bad! not bad at all :)

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Hey, I'm playing Castle Clash! Come join me and let's kick some ass!

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Some rambling about gaming that has been on making like 2 months! So finally time to let this post go public!

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This blog text is from early-spring but I did want to share it with
you…most of it was already written. If you know me you know that precision is
not my strong area :P and I do not believe that “Don't Leave for Tomorrow What You Can Do Today”
mantra. I w...

where do i find that damn url?! not now not past 12AM after I have slept only 3hours last night!

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Really why blame game studios ect. from parents mistakes!

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What spit did bring to my fingers about ME3
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