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Jon Kameya
I'm just this guy, you konw?
I'm just this guy, you konw?
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Hole. Lee. SHIT!!! Cap'n Crunch is the same number of points for the same size serving as Cheerios? DIET HEAVEN!!!!!!!

In the process of trying to find a new favorite pen.. Any suggestions? (note: gel pens make me feel stabby)

Ah, insomnia my old friend. How I've missed... ... Wait. Missed isn't right... How I've never wanted to see you again. Ever. You bastard.

The upside of loosing weight? You feel pretty darn good about yourself. The downside? The pants you got on Thanksgiving that barely fit are now too big. 

If I tried to put together an film crew to made a shot for shot remake of every 5-Hour energy commercial substituting mini bottles of Jack Daniel's for the 5-Hour energy... Would you help?

Really?! It's only ten o'clock?!

Holy shit is this depressing. Sort of.

Sometimes not getting a job is a good thing.

Tonight is so very strange.

Fact: The weirdest Google search of my life, "pat boone leather mtv" while sitting in the kitchen with my wife, mother and step father. So... so strange.
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