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Beyond the Grave
In the past couple of years I did some investigations into near
death experiences by reading three books that told near death
experience stories.  The books were 1) Heaven is
for Real by Todd Burpo; 2) Visions of Glory as told by John
Pontius; and 3) Proof ...

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The Buffalo Encounter at Yellowstone National Park July 2016
Buffalo at Mammoth Hot Springs YNP Photo credit L.M. Hoskins I was traveling on my way to a fish
and wildlife meeting in Cody, Wyoming from Ogden Utah.  Since there is no direct driving route to
Cody, I decided to take the scenic route through Yellowstone N...

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Love versus Hate is the Eternal Battle within each of Us
The differences we see in the world today are the result of
polarization between those filled with hate and those filled with love.  You can find both types of people in any
religion on the planet.  I have seen both
hateful and loving Christians in the same...

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Fergus the Great: King of the Scots
I received my first review on Goodreads of my new book "Fergus the Great: King of the Scotts" Check out Angie's review of my new book. She gave me a five star rating! Cool!

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Synchronicity of Events: There are No Coincidences!
to Wikipedia    “Synchronicity is the occurrence of two or more events that appear to
be meaningfully related but not causally related.  Synchronicity holds that such events are
"meaningful coincidences".  The
concept of synchronicity was first de...

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A Reminder from God of our American Pharaoh
On Saturday, May 2, 2015, American
Pharaoh won the 141st Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky. 
There are no coincidences in this world. 
I believe that God orchestrated the winner of this race to remind His people of a pattern that seems to be playing ou...

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The War Within
When you look into the mirror, do you see a divine being crafted by
God for His purposes or do you see an animal that has no divine purpose other
than to gratify itself with life’s pleasures?   The answer to that question identifies to which group you belon...

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Greater Israel: God’s One State Solution for Peace
Whose land is it?  The whole
world belongs to the One that created it. 
God, as the creator and owner of the title, can give His land to anyone
He wants to.  Specifically, the land in
question is called the “Promised Land” as it was promised to the descenda...

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March 3, 2015 – Decision Day: Will America Stand Up and Be Queen Esther?
On the evening of March 3 rd , 2015, Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu will address the American Congress to plead Israel’s case against
Iran’s nuclear program.  This will be a
historic day for America as the Prime Minister of Israel describes the choices

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Collective Consciousness - Reality is a Projection of Our Minds
We live in a material world, but the sages of Judaism have taught for 3500 years that the world around us is an illusion.  It is real, but still an illusion created by God for us to experience life and make choices that affect our eternal well being.  I hav...
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