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A little late on my weekly post, but here we go.

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Something borrowed, something new.
This is NOT a marriage post, but it does feel festive. I went out and got a website (something new) but I did manage to keep all my posts that have spanned 4 years (something borrowed). Change is scary but come check out the new site, it is neat and shiny: ...

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New site, new post!

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Once Again.
He will remember the wine stains
on my dress, my bruised feet giving way from misjudgment and 4 inch heels. A
hazy recollection of straddling and calling out for a god who was nowhere at
that hour and is nowhere now. What he won’t remember is how comfortabl...
Once Again.
Once Again.

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First time I'm posting an entry in four months, do share :)

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The New Year Blog Entry!
“When you find yourself
drowning in self-hate, you have to remind yourself that you weren’t born
feeling this way. That at some point in your journey, some person or experience
sent you the message that there was something wrong with who you are, and you in...

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The Obvious Blog Entry!
“Will you love me in December as you do
in May?”  – Jack Kerouac I did it again. I let
him in.   Strike that, it over simplifies this. I did it again. I let
him sink beneath my skin and take over all my senses. Saying his name is the
hardest part of my day....

New blog entry!

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Lucid Dreaming.
“The heaviest of burdens crushes us, we sink beneath it, it pins us to
the ground. But in the love poetry of every age, the woman longs to be weighed
down by the man's body.” – Milan
Kundera 2am: Be wary of
the things you crave at this hour. You’ll find you...
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