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James Sexton
If I don't know, I'll figure it out. Why do it if it can't be done right? Always interested in what's next in Tech.
If I don't know, I'll figure it out. Why do it if it can't be done right? Always interested in what's next in Tech.

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When you're ready to have your spoken audio sound like you have a Broadcast budget.

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As has been discussed, there is mounting evidence of people "living in a different reality". A different Matrix if you will. And Adam Gopnik at The New Yorker thinks so too. :-D

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I'd bet it really takes 33 min. 😁 #ITM

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I can't seem to find any one of the many times John has mentioned the name of that coming law change in 2017 for government accounting. The one that will correct the books and show how bad it really is. I think I may have even heard it mentioned on his show with Horowitz.

Anyone have links? Even links to DHunplugged would be appreciated.

Before cord cutting, one finds new shows to watch mostly because of commercials.

Once you cut the cord, how do you know what to watch next? With minimal time wasted ( used to be GREAT for this).

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I can't seem to get any results for "Zika" on using Zika in Text box and From Show 700 to 846.

Anyone else having search problems? Even a search for Turkey returns no results. :-(

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I've been listening to the show since around Sept last year. Have the guys ever mentioned for their Government or Power/Influence maps? I cannot seem to get a search result for it.

Here are two direct links to giant pdf files.
Administration of Terror:

World Government 2014:

And a description of what it is in English:

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Divide and conquer.

Free expression is always the prime target of tyrants because it promotes logic, the search for truth, and friendship. America is exceptional precisely because it rejects the tyrants’ rule.

Yet as our speech becomes more restricted, we end up more separated from one another and more susceptible to mass delusions. As Meerloo wrote: “Where thinking is isolated without free exchange with other minds, delusion may follow.” He added, chillingly, “Is this not what happened in Hitler Germany where free verification and self-correction were forbidden?”

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The LEAGLY VERIFIED TEXT of the Trans-Pacific Partnership can be found on the New Zealand gov website:
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