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Democracy is not a spectator sport

Indeed. So go participate. 

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Sweet dreams, beloved plussers. 

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This is the result of a conversation that involved Mayan vocabulary, the size of a standard sacks of scorpions, human sacrifices, and speculations about interesting vacation spots.

I blame +Yonatan Zunger​

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The left is suffering the exact same problem the right is: we've given space to uninformed trolls because they were temporarily convenient, and demagogues have risen on their backs.

And the people who follow unthinkingly are happy to hate anybody who is not "their team".

We've turned politics into a pure popularity contest, and now we're getting the highschool clique behavior that comes with it.

Food for thought.

ETA: There is room for criticism of Clinton; I've certainly done so myself. But there's quite a bit of hate I see out there, and repetition of misogynistic talking points that taken as a whole, really take me aback. Especially some of the big ones, never seem to apply to other (male) (Democratic) candidates, as the very first paragraph or two outlines. Now pair that with the fact that Trump is such a nasty piece of work especially toward women -- but so-called liberals will vote for him instead of her to blow things up? -- and that she and Obama are largely in agreement, but I never see criticism of Obama over the same points (hello, TPP?)...and so over the last several months, I have come to reluctant agreement with this.

The Left’s enthusiastic embrace of these tropes and rhetoric props up the narrative that, for a woman to have reached the upper echelons of power in her field, she could only have done so through depravity and deception. Her success is undeserved, and she is therefore unworthy — and dismissing Clinton’s campaign as a “coronation” only gives credence to a culture that has for so long cheered the brutal teardown of accomplished women.

Hillary Clinton is indeed, as her critics claim, part of the “the establishment.” Like all women of lofty ambition, she is keenly and woefully aware that in 2016, less than a century out from women’s suffrage, pioneering into a space formerly only occupied by men requires an acceptance that gender constrains one to work within the system, rather than from outside of it.

So the next time you say, “I hate Hillary Clinton,” ask yourself why.

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So long, blue planet. 
Out of the blue, this came along in my FB feed... Is this a golden opportunity for us to learn something about how the internet works, or is it too much of a red herring? (Via +Dawid Kuroczko actually.)

I also suggest pasting the URL ( into the Facebook search box to see how others shared this. I didn't find as many examples via G+, where URL search is also no longer working very well. (There was a point where it seemed to work better.) Partial URL returns a couple more desired results than full URL:

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Oh look. Linus still happy to have an offensive, invective-filled culture of bullies. 

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You should also make sure the official campaign shirts are brown. Anything else is pandering.

(OK, fine. Maybe white robes with hoods work, too)

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And there we are. 
"We should scrap EU-mandated labour market regulations and social protections as fast as possible. There is no reason why we should accept European limits on how many hours people do in the office - so long as we have a minimum wage in place, which we do, then it is up to every individual how long a shift he or she wants to put in. Issues such as parental leave can be freely agreed between companies and staff. Employers who want to hire lots of young women, the best educated, most skilled part of the workforce, will be generous; others less so. But business can decide for itself."

Looks like the citizens of the UK have lots to look forward to in their bright, new, post-Brexit future!
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