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100 days of Google Dev, Episode 44/100

Yes, your app is special. But when it comes to battery use, sometimes it’s better to be part of the crowd. Why not spread the battery blame around a bit? Ian Ni-Lewis shows you how ridiculously easy it is to go from battery hog to team player in this video.


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I'm sure it is never a fun blog post to write, but learning about companies that didn't make it is great to understand the difficulties that other companies and industries face. It usually gives a couple of great pieces of advice along the way as well.

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Well, that was something new I learned today.
Select CSS color directly from the page - I can't believe I didn't know about this feature.  I always did a screen grab and then opened up the image in Pixelmator to get the HTML color code.
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Very fascinating!
#3d   Printed Electronic Devices Are Coming.... What if you could dramatically reduce the number of parts and eliminate assembly?  #3dprinting  +Singularity Hub 

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"Great bosses don't lead because they have the authority to lead. They lead because their employees want them to lead."

Quick and awesome read about the inspiration that comes out of not always putting yourself first.

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I hear, almost every day:

"Ian, you shouldn't wear your heart on your sleeve."

"Stop telling everyone communications can save the world. No one believes that."

"Keep the crisis quiet."

To them I now say, "Read this. Shut up."

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I love firebase! Apparently, Google does too!

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If you haven't used tag manager before, I definitely recommend checking it out. From a development standpoint, it is great to drop in one snippet, and then let the marketing teams handle everything. Then you aren't constantly changing your templates to add more analytics tracking.

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Android 5.0 and the Nexus 6! I really hope they come out with a blade runner edition

#android   #google   #nexus6  
So excited to announce #AndroidLollipop and the latest #Nexus devices: Nexus 9, Nexus 6 and Nexus Player. Thanks to the team who’s been hard at work on our most ambitious Android release yet...
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