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This is a very special time. Very much change is coming. It is necessary to overcome this with Love. You can not put out a fire with a flame. We must love even when they hate. Give them food and drink and shelter as you would want in a dire need. Greed is no longer acceptable. Congress you must no longer be a monopoly nor be in office longer than our president . This is Greed and nor shall you be allowed by this majority of humanity to make your own salary. Especially that more of the men you send to fight for US and Die for US !! We the People have spoken, if not out loud within  every heavyhearted being. You must protect Planet Earth Gaia with Love as yourself. For we have a right To Life Liberty and The pursuit of Happiness as well. It is our Sovereign Right. The Violence and Dictatorship and Genocide must Stop !! Everyone use your voice to project you heart .. We are a New Earth Being Born. 

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This is for all the fallen Soldier's and My Sweet Uncle Dennis Claffey ! My Uncle Joe, my niece Deanna .....and Serena Adams. Christopher & Daniel Pedroza as well as Drucella Pedroza. I miss you all. My Grandfather Dale Everett. Carol and Don Burnworth. Donnie and My Dear Friend Susie. As well as you guys Grandma & Grandpa Claffey. Last but not least you Bonnie Jean Lynn & Joesph Everett I miss you more than I can bare at times. All of you I love you and will see you on the other side when it is meant. 



P.S. Mr. Jarus and Shannon your Daddy Too. And Mr. Gaffurri

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Ever wonder what process goes into making beautiful star trail and Milky Way photographs? Join a live discussion on Thursday, October 24 with astrophotographers to hear their tips for breaking into the hobby and how to take your astrophotography to the next level.  

Participants Include:
Michael Shainblum, Filmmaker and Photographer
Ever since I can remember I wanted to be an artist. Not necessarily a photographer or a filmmaker or a director, just an artist. I have a drive to create and a passion to show the world through my eyes. I seek to capture the extraordinary and the unique. I find beauty in everything from the scale of our Galaxy to the way sunlight hits a glass of water from behind. In filmmaking and photography possibilities are endless. I strike with every project and photography to push the boundaries of what we think is achievable in these mediums. I am currently based in San Diego California and I have a Bachelors Degree In Professional Photography from Brooks Institute Of Photography in Santa Barbara.
See some of his work at

Josh Bury, Astrophotographer and Adobe Camera Raw Computer  Scientist
Joshua Bury has worked as a Computer Scientist at Adobe since 2012. As a member of the Camera Raw team, he works to develop new tools and adjustments. He images the night sky from his home observatory and also enjoys photographing the landscape both during the day and at night. Joshua is also the developer of Observer Pro, an advanced planning tool for amateur astronomers. See some of his work at

Alan Erickson, Astrophotographer and Adobe Senior Computer Scientist
Alan Erickson is a Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe. Alan took up astro-imaging in 2004, starting with a Canon Digital Rebel camera. He modified his own Canon Rebel XS in 2008 to increase its sensitivity and continues to image with that camera today. Alan has presented Photoshop techniques for astro-imaging at several conferences, including Advanced Imaging Conference, Midwest Astro-Imaging Conference, Northeast Astro-Imaging Conference, and the Texas Imaging Symposium at Texas Star Party. See some of his work at

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Go Monster !!

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