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Youth Riders are the future riders of our roads and its important to teach them the do's and dont's of riding, teaching them to be a safe and respectful rider.

Like in life, adults have to lead by example by not being an aggressive or dangerous rider.

Especially Boys are living life hard and fast, and we must guide them to making the right choices, being out on the roads in the early years of there driving life is critical that they have an understanding of how dangerous power and speed can be especially when put together.

Lets help keep our younger riders safe.
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People often say that you cant understand the addition of riding a motorbike till you have experienced it and once you have felt that feeling the rest is history.

But for people who have never been on a bike its hard to explain the exhilaration, the freedom, the feeling of leaving the world behind you, just getting out there and riding cause that's what you love to do.

The joy of riding on the weekend through the mountains, feeling the power of your bike when you need it but also taking the time to take in the surroundings, enjoying the views, the fresh air, the feeling you don't get in the city.

Once people get a taste of riding, its in your blood and having the option to hop onto your bike whenever you want is the best feeling in the world.
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At Bikers World we are always trying to update our range of Motorcycle Clothing and Motorcycle Gear.

We carry a lot of the popular brands and we are always looking for and reviewing new products that are coming onto the market.

With Motorcycle Clothing and Motorcycle Gear there is such a range in safety gear available that it can get very overwhelming so if you need advice come down to the shop and we will answer any questions you might have and help you work out what product is best for you and your needs. 
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Here at Bikers World Brisbane we have a extensive range of motorcycle riders clothing.

Considering it is an investment in your safety we recommend that you come into our store and we will spend the time with you to make sure you are completely happy with your purchase.

We have great customer service and the people who are helping you not only know about the products but also have a great understanding of what they are selling.

We have riders assisting riders so they can help you with anything to do with motorcycle gear.
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