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Add all, choose ones you might enjoy, tag +G+ Business Pages Directory in future page shares and add us to your own #coolpages circle for us to reshare plus add you to our circles.

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Feel free to comment with you own page tagged and ones you like & follow!

Lots of other awesome pages that went over 500 in this shared circle.. the limit include
+Select Performers & +Restaurante Terra!
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Thanks for including us!
You're doing great work here!
I have you in this and our SEO circle and we can only fit 500 per shared circle.. do not fear +Select Performers .you shall be shared!

You're welcome..thank you +ParentingExtra

We have you in this circle too +Restaurante Terra ..but only 500 again!
G+ decides whom over 500 are left out.. so I will start making more general circles when I hit 500! Thanks!
G+ Business Pages Directory is very useful if you are starting from scratch and want to build a circle in a particular field. I would really like some circles based on Geographical areas.
Love these brands,but i can't circle more G+ pages...
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