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Hoping you had a nice #valentinesday2014  and you stay warm maybe with chocolate if you're caught in a snow covered part of the world!

We'd love to see any special Valentine's Day #throughglass  content too or how you're using it for your own business Plussers.
The CHOCOLATE can be ALL YOURS, ALL.YOURS this V-Day! - Being Single on Valentine's Day and SNOW?!

#valentinesday2014   #chocolate   #snow   #netflix   #home  

More +Netflix  #vday  stuff:
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Are your +Google+ Your Business pages #Amazeballs  or what?!

;0 #totes  are!
"We are Totes not gonna stop with our Amazeball Feels!"  - We won't stop, we can't stop but do you say any of these things whether you are 20, 30, 40, 50 or other, G+ers ? :P
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Introducing Google Media Tools!

New tools to help tell stories and report the news for journalists right at your fingertips!

To help journalists report the news, visualize data and tell compelling stories, we’ve launched Google Media Tools. This new hub provides journalists of all skill levels with tips and tricks on a variety of ways--from research to developing to publishing--to connect with their audiences. Explore the site:
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Do you earn money online and is it a possible source of income for the masses?

This blog entry discusses a few ways that you can make money but do you think it's possible to earn a living full time online and if so, what are the best options of doing so Plussers?
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+Google+ is amazing and +The Huffington Post / +matthew rappaport counts some of the ways!  - Over 2k and counting agree!

We'd add a 13th way as in for Business and how you can connect to people and other brands in unique, fun ways that are very personal forming deeper connections and endless possibilities !

+Google+ Your Business +Jade Wang +Google+ Help +Matt Cutts 
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I like <3
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Happy #bacon  holidays from artist +Cliff Roth !

What are the BEST +Google+ Your Business art pages out there Plussers?!
Because #bacon  !
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Great Way to personalize and use all those photos for your home but especially for Business!

There are many ways to get canvas type prints done but recently came across a cool one that has photos which look like they could have used some of the new plus photo features!

"Canvasndecor customizes digital photos and prints them onto to canvas. Their canvas photo prints are ideal for home or business decor and most popular for special occasions like weddings, valentines, baby births, holiday gifts, etc".

They are offering a 30% off all canvas prints and free shipping anywhere in the usa if orders are over $150.

What professional canvas service do you use and how does this one compare in your eyes photogs?
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People toss around the phrase SEO (Search Engine Optimization_ like it's going out of style, it's all the rage!

Most people know very little about how it is and even more so, how it works! Here's a place that offers you the ability to learn more and study up so you can become your own SEO expert one day.

Finally, an SEO course that anyone can understand!
Don't miss the launch offer
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SEO is more important today than it has ever been. The industry is growing and it's really developing into something great.
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If you ever need help on Google+, +Google+ Help is the page to +mention !

Also, the 2 G+ Community Managers are +Cindy Chen & +Justine Rivero 
Trumpet ON (and bare with me, bear with me!)

1:09 - 1:15 to see/hear LIVE Trumpet playing in this video:
прикольный мишка

P.S. - The 2 New Community Managers of +Google+ are +Justine Rivero(+The Huffington Post)  and +Cindy Chen (+Google Maps). 
Welcome to the Party, Pals! Now YOU+ must dance . . !
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poor baby that is so domesticated
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