Finally found a way to keep Mac Office apps from re-opening all my previous files when I start the program - this was driving me nuts!. It's a "feature" in Lion OS for application resume - nice, but not for Office. Here's a link to the original forum post, and I've included it here with more detail.

- Close all Office programs, (and any others you want to disable this feature for) and do the following:
-In the Finder Menu, click GO, then hold down Alt (Option) and choose "Library".
- Go to "Saved Application State" folder
- Then, for each program you see listed which you for which you wish to turn the feature off. It will be something like ""
- Enter the folder, delete all documents by moving them to Trash.
- Highlight the folder again, right-click and select "Get Info".
- Scroll down to "Sharing & Permissions" and then make the folder READ ONLY for each user. It's likely that "everyone" will have "No Access" selected, which you can leave as is.
Original forum post:
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