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Antonio Rodrigues Jr

My stay in Rio is nearly over and I can’t complain: in these less-than-three months I managed to have more things accomplished than my entire stay in Havana. And while travelling, I could only rely on my old and good laptop to get my work done. 
And now I understand that I was slaving the little poor thing and forcing it to go beyond the manufacturer would ever think it could go. And when it broke over a week ago I thought would be easy to wait patiently for it to be repaired. I was so mistaken. It really got a hold of me.
Throughout my time of isolation in Cuba, I was taken several times for that strange feeling that only comes to one when something big is missing, and even in those moments I could rely on my Machine so that I wouldn’t be lost and lonely.  
I always keep in mind that something so painful cannot last long, and when it finally came back to the place where it belongs, I could breathe again. 
Exaggerated feelings over a machine? Well, maybe. The thing is that I have just learned that I deal better with a broken heart than with a broken computer.
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