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Fractals are simply gorgeous and enthralling...I can sometimes gaze into them for ages...

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I saw this while on a beach-jog in Aruba... This is a shot I took with the Google Pixel (not a paid endorsement - just love the phone!)... what a cool device. I liked it so much I also bought another one for my wife. She likes it too... very fun for taking quick photos and I think the quality is pretty incredible. I have a new workflow where I take my favorite photos and put them in dropbox... it syncs back with my other computers so I can edit in Aurora and Lightroom. It's handy to have the Pixel around when a horse is trotting through the water!

#Aruba #horse #rcmemories #caribbean #ritzcarlton +The Ritz-Carlton

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Light in the Canyon

The slot canyons near Page, Arizona are wonderful and amazing. The light bounces off those red rock walls in subtle and gorgeous ways!! It continues to change with different balances of light and shadow!! It's amazing!!

Events come back in February!! Stay tuned for details!!

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Do you enjoy the photography themes on G+? Here's a wonderful list of all the different ways that you can share!!

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#SlotCanyon #Page #Arizona


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Cheeky little squirrel ;) 

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Science and exploring the mysteries of the universe is so amazing! I get tingles just imagining! ♡ 
"What you see is a myosin protein dragging an endorphin along a filament to the inner part of the brain's parietal cortex which creates happiness". You're looking at #happiness! #Happy
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20 minutes in the Lagoon Nebula (M8)

For a long time, I have been amazed of looking at beautiful images of this deep sky object. I find it very interesting to capture because of its bright and colorful clouds inside. The details that M8 offers are quite surprising since they become easily visible through a small telescope.

Actually, this is my first attempt on M8, at prime focus of my 200/800 mm newtonian.
I only spent 20 minutes on it, because I had planned to take other pictures of other objects during that single night.

Flickr Link :

Technical Data :
Canon 600D (unmodified sensor) + 200/800 mm Newtonian + LXD75 mount
20 minutes total exposure :
1 x 2 minutes at ISO 3200 + 1 x 60 seconds at ISO 1600 + 1 x 45 seconds at ISO 1600 + 25 x 32 seconds at ISO 1600 + 4 x 45 seconds at ISO 1600
800 mm + cropped picture
No DOF (no darks, no offsets and no flats)
stacked with Deep Sky Stacker and processed with Lightroom

#M8   #LagoonNebula   #astrophotography   #nebula   #deepsky  

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Aidan Gillen (Lord Rathbone) had to practice sword-fighting/fencing for 4 months in order to look like an expert swordsman in this 4 minute fight scene.  

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